1. i) How do I donate to Sarvam Shakti? 


Firstly, thank you! Thank you for your belief in our work! There are many ways to donate to us


a)  CC Avenue (Credit Cards, Mobile Wallets & more)

b)  Cheque & Bank Transfer (details on Donate page)

  ii) Why does it say 'Buy' and 'Product' on the checkout page of CC Avenue. Aren't those words used for e-commerce websites?

Yes. So, Wix as a website does not support coding that easily of non-American providers of payment gateways. We are working on the API backend. Till then, CC Avenue will appear the way it does on an e-commerce platform. We would replace 'Product' with 'Package' and 'Buy' with 'Support'. The function however is the same even now. You can choose the quantity of the package as well which is quite handy should you wish to give close to a sum which isnt mentioned on the four options on the Support Us page.

2. How is Shakti supported? 


Well, purely through our own funds and the love of people willing to share their time and energy and few resources. We are now reaching out for donors and also partnerships that will help scale this project to awesome heights!

3. What will my donation support?

 We have 50 girls at present and to take this to 220 by 2020- you will help us steer towards our goal.

Your donation will support so so many things. 

a) The performing arts training of a professional level. Here you are supporting both the artistes( who find it hard to sustain their passions due to dearth of opportunities) as well as the girl child who does not have access to elite expensive arts like Indian Classical Dance and Music. 


b) Remedial education classes by passionate individuals. Each girl from Grade 5 will receive tutions in subjects she is weak at. This will supplement her growth in academics to keep her artistic abilities and academic talent go hand-in-hand.


c) Wholesome nutrition on a daily basis. Imagine vegetable juices with ten ingredients atleast from chia seeds to parsley to bottle gourd. The most detoxifying food item we think is vegetable juice. Couple that with a flax seed fortified snack and a fruit, you have a stronger girl, mentally and physically. 


d) Costumes, make-up, jewellery for Indian Classical Arts. 'Aharya Abhinaya' is an integral part of 'abhinaya' or the message carrying forward in Indian arts. 


e) Degrees in Arts: Many of our girls are getting degrees or diplomas for their Classical dance education. These are affiliated to prestigious organisations of culture- that fees can be covered through your help. It is an average of Rs. 1,000 per year per child.

f) The girls get invited for performances around the city/ country and the world. In some cases, we have amazing partners like Brave Kids who cover expenses. But we would not want our girls to lose out on chances for showcasing their message of empowerment due to a paucity of funds. So, travel will be supported too.

4. Is my Donation tax-deductible? 


Yes. If you are an Indian taxpayer, under the Indian Government Indian Tax Act 1961, you are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80 (G). Sarvam Foundation is a registered not-for-profit! Here is a link that will help you get some more clarity on your donations.

5. Is it safe and secure for me to donate online through CC Avenue? 


100%. It is a key supporter of online monetary transactions in India. 

6. Will I receive an acknowledgement of my gift? 


When you donate online you will receive an email confirmation of your gift. 

7. Is the information about my donation kept private or made public?


Depends on you! We will keep your information anonymous but if you would like us to share the word on your generosity to enable others to take the action towards giving too, we would be happy to spread the word on all our platforms. We also have a Privacy Policy on our website.

8. How can I make a recurring donation? 


As of now, we are setting up that part of the payment gateway. If you would like to set up a monthly or yearly gift, for the time being, we can drop you a non-intrusive gentle email every month or year to remind you to donate. Just drop us an email if you want this done!


9. How do I cancel my recurring donation? 


Please write to us at or call us on +919871157202!


10) Can I make a donation from abroad/ outside India? 


CC Avenue as of now will not accept your donations if you do not have an Indian credit card. You can send us a bank transfer though. Please drop us an email if you are interested to support this cause and we will do a little happy dance and then help you through the steps of payment!

11) Did we answer your queries?


If not, please do feel free to reach out to us on our email address and our phone numbers!

+919871157202 /+919871700316

Whatsapp numbers- both the above and +919810467609/ +61411526167