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Hemangi Bhatnagar

Chief Empowerment Officer 

Hemangi Bhatnagar is the Chief Empowerment Officer at Sarvam Shakti. A former National Level athlete herself in the Track, Badminton, and Kho Kho sports, Hemangi was truly on her way to becoming a full-time sportsman had the societal commitments not come her way. She brings keen discipline and knowledge of physical health and well-being to the Shakti program. Hemangi helped design healthy food recipes for Whole Foods India from 2009-2018.


Nehha Bhatnagar 

Founder President, Sarvam Foundation

Nehha's diverse career spans dance, meditation, social work, and empowerment. As a cultural entrepreneur, she founded the Sarvam Foundation, known for organizing over twenty art festivals and empowering artists.

Her flagship project, Sarvam Shakti, trains over 300 marginalized girls in Classical Dances and Hatha Yoga, with academic and nutrition support.


Nehha, a former Bharatnatyam dancer, counselor, coach, and nutritionist, empowers individuals for emotional, mental, and physical harmony. Her holistic approach includes yoga practices and laughter yoga leadership, ensuring that values and ethics remain paramount. Sarvam Foundation nurtures girls to become champions of India's culture and values.

With a Master's and a Bachelor’s in Political Science and International Relations, Neha worked with Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Minister and former Under-Secretary-General of the UN. Nehha's exceptional work has garnered recognition from various news channels, major publications, and newspapers, including Readers Digest India, Times of India, NewsX, Lok Sabha TV, and Outlook magazine.


Nehha Bhatnagar is a licensed Counselor, Associate Certified Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, and Mindfulness Teacher, specializing in therapies like ACT, CBT, SFT, and EFT. She is a Full Member of the Meditation Association of Australia, certified as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and a COR.E Transitions Dynamics Specialist from IPEC, and holds an Associate Certified Coach accreditation from the International Coach Federation. Her dedication spans a broad spectrum of issues, including transition, trauma, grief, and mental and emotional health.


Mrs Alka Sondhi

Lead Shakti for Digital Literacy

A B.Sc in Chemistry and Botany from Lucknow University and one of the first graduates of NIIT’s
computer programs, Alka brings with her over 2 decades of experience teaching Computers from schools AirForce Golden Jubilee School Delhi, Air Force Academy Hyderabad, AirForce School Bangalore, DataPro Computer Centre, Hyderabad, Azakia Computer Centre Lucknow, Army School Assam, St Anne’s Convent, Chandigarh and many more! She has been instrumental in bringing computer literacy to hundreds of children across the country and has also worked as a Bio and Computer teacher for Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation.


Chetna Kapur

Lead Shakti for Nutritional initiatives at Sarvam

She hails from Mumbai and has completed her major in Nutrition from the SNDT Mumbai.

Chetna has been passionate about Child Nutrition since the time she was in college and that passion got extended to her taking it up professionally.

She had her initial stint with Nestle post which she ventured out on her own to craft PediaNutri.

With two boys of her own aged 9 years and 12 years now, her hunger for crafting and sharing ways and means of proper upbringing grew manifolds.

Chetna carries with herself 17 years of enriching experience that spans one-to-one consultations, creating meal plans, guidance on child upbringing w.r.t eating habits and taking sessions for young moms.

She specializes in tackling specific issues like obesity, fussy eating, and sports nutrition (for kids), and healthy eating & and sustainable weight loss (for Adults).

Chetna is a regular blogger with Momspresso, Say Cheese and First Moms w.r.t experiences on Early Life Nutrition, Baby Food Recipes, Meal Plans, Cool Foods for Warm Days, Raising healthy, Child habits and upbringing, etc.


Tripti Sharma Saraswat

Shakti for Outreach

Tripti comes with a background in project management from the technology sector. She is the Vice President at Natwest Bank.
From her: Throughout the years of my professional work, I have gained a lot of expertise in the Financial Service Sector, especially in the Capital Markets and Investment Banking Domain. I am especially proud of the wider tech implementations that I have led in the capacity of Business Analyst and Project Manager, which was both challenging and fulfilling.

Apart from this professional career, I have a passion for giving back to society and participating in serving humanity. I believe in living with purpose and giving meaning to life. What really gives me zeal in life is contributing to society. With Sarvam Shakti, I found wings for this passion. Girls in Sarvam Shakti are true examples of Living with Values’, by learning yoga and Indian classical dance forms they display the power of ancient art forms. Every step and move they perform on stage indicates the devotion they have put into learning and practicing these arts with full vigor. Cultured, full of mannerisms, and with lots of joy in their heart they are the epitome of unconditional universal love. I am SPOC of reaching out to Sarvam Shakti. Each girl of Sarvam Shakti is a gift to the world and what best could be other than becoming the medium to have this talent spread to the world and benefit humanity? I have great dreams for Sarvam Shakti to be successful and there is the right ingredient already in the organization to reach that zenith, As I mentioned I just could be the way or medium to have the right threads connect for their upliftment. Please reach out to me for any event you would like to have organized or for any other assistance you want to extend to an organization. We also appreciate it if you could help monetarily by giving them financial support, so they can build their careers ahead. I look forward to collaborative efforts for the cause.


Ms. Ritu Gulati

Lead Shakti for Spoken English

Ms. Gulati believes that people are most important and their welfare must come first, over and above any other purpose. This has been at the core of her professional work in the domain of Business Communication. As a progressive individual, she has shown solid results in people Development, project management, and team leadership. 
Education and value enhancement of individuals remains her key area of interest. This has naturally propelled her to team up with Sarvam Shakti and its mission to Unleash Shakti.
Ms. Gulati has more than 20 years of rich experience of working in varied service sector organizations. She has an MBA along with a Masters in Psychology. At the graduate level, she studied English literature (Honours ) from the University of Delhi. She completed her Schooling at St. Thomas School, New Delhi.

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Mridula Nambiar

Head of Bharatanatyam dance

Mridula Nambiar is a performing Bharatnatyam artiste and also a member of
the faculty of Ganesa Natyalaya and Sarvam Foundation. She is a student of Guru Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan in New Delhi. She hails from a South Indian household who recognized her interest in the art form and motivated her to further pursue it.


She started her training at the age of 8 years and still believes in nurturing and attaining more knowledge in the field and she was fortunate enough to be under the wings of Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan who further motivates her. She was also awarded the
title Kalashree from her Guru in 2015 and was awarded Kameshwari Nritya saman in 2018 from a school in Guwahati Academically she is a sociology (Hons) graduate from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, and her Master in social work from IGNOU. She also holds her
Junior and senior Diploma in Bharatanatyam from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad.

After her Arengetram in the year 2015 under her guru Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan, she has been actively performing all over India and Abroad.


Drishtikon Dance Foundation

Kathak Dance Mentors

Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company, the Drishtikon Dance Foundation is an internationally renowned dance company that has been established with a vision to look at tradition with a modern mind, to explore the past to create a new, imaginative future. The dance company aims to achieve excellence and virtuosity in the rich classical Indian dance form of kathak, as well as encourage the spirit of innovation. In doing so, we seek to challenge established norms and develop the courage to dance our own dance, while at the same time being informed about the heritage, cultures, influences, and language of other dance styles and forms, viewpoints, and ideas.


Sunny Shishodiya

Kathak Teacher

Sunny Shishodiya began training in Kathak at a tender age under the tutelage of his grandfather, Lt. Ghanshyam Shishodiya followed by rigorous training under the guidance of legendary Pt. Birju Maharaj. 

Sunny is currently working as a senior dancer in the Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company - Drishtikon Dance Foundation. As an integral part of Drishtikon, Sunny has had the opportunity to perform at leading International festivals such as the Dance Umbrella Festival (London), Perth International Arts Festival (Australia), Abu Dhabi Classic Series, and many other prestigious festivals around the world. He is also the recipient of the Smt. Krishna Hangal Memorial National Award.
For Sunny, Kathak is an ongoing journey. He is a promising torch bearer of the Lucknow gharana.

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Yoga Trainer

Dipika, a certified Yoga Teacher with a passion for empowering others, brings over 5 years of experience to her practice.  She holds a Master's degree in Yoga from Sri Dev Suman University, India, solidifying her knowledge of yoga philosophy and techniques.  She specializes in asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), and incorporates the Ayurvedic principles of Panchakarma to create a holistic approach to well-being.  She excels at creating personalized exercise programs, expertly correcting postures, and leading engaging group classes for all experience levels.  Fluent in both English and Hindi, she fosters a welcoming and inclusive learning environment.  Beyond her qualifications, Dipika's dedication is evident in her ongoing participation in workshops, constantly seeking new ways to enhance her teaching and student experiences.


Soumya Nandal

Bharatnatyam Trainer

Soumya began dancing at the age of 7, first exploring contemporary dance before dedicating herself to Bharatanatyam. For over 14 years, she honed her skills under Guru Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan and Smt. Rama Vaidyanathan. As a senior performer with the Ganesa Natyalaya troupe, Soumya has graced stages across India, including the Republic Day Parade'23 and a music album. She has even choreographed college productions and secured awards at national level competitions.
She has completed her B.A in Psychology from Lady Shri Ram College (DU). She further deepened her artistic foundation with a Visharad (degree) in Bharatanatyam from Khairagarh University. Passionate about sharing her knowledge, Soumya finds immense joy in teaching and thrives on the enthusiastic energy of the students at Sarvam, fostering a continuous learning environment for both teacher and student.



Yoga Trainer

Varsha, a highly motivated Yoga Instructor with over 5 years of experience, inspires students on their path to holistic well-being.  Her qualifications include a Bachelor's degree in Yoga and a Master's degree in Yogic Science. She skillfully blends Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), and yogic philosophy into her practice.   Her experience encompasses diverse settings ranging from CRPF camp and online sessions to schools and NGOs.  She excels at crafting personalized programs, leading engaging group classes, and cultivating a supportive learning environment.  A past winner of yoga competitions and a certified instructor from the Moraji Desai National Institute of Yoga, Varsha's dedication to continuous learning ensures her students receive the most effective yoga instruction.

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