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Sarvam's Vision

An India where every girl child from a less privileged background is liberated and empowered to lead a life of holistic well-being, spanning emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical dimensions. We aim to provide marginalized girls with access to quality education that celebrates creativity, social-emotional learning, and joyful skill training and well-being programs.


Also, an India that preserves and propagates its rich cultural heritage at the grassroots!

Sarvam's Mission

To empower the young girls from marginalized backgrounds to live a life of holistic well being by providing quality education, joyful skills of arts and Yoga along with wholesome nutrition and life values.


At Sarvam Foundation, we hold dear a set of core values that we believe are not only essential but also transformative in the lives of our Shaktis. We instill these values in our girls, as they form the foundation upon which they can build a brighter future for themselves and, in turn, uplift their immediate communities and families.


Empathy and compassion are the cornerstones of our approach. We teach our Shaktis to understand and share the feelings of others, nurturing a sense of care and kindness. Through social-emotional learning, we empower them to navigate their emotions, build healthy relationships, and develop resilience.


Joy and fearlessness are encouraged, as we want our girls to approach life with a sense of happiness and courage. We believe that self-worth is an essential ingredient for their growth, allowing them to dream and aim high. Gratitude and forgiveness are vital aspects of our value system, teaching them the power of appreciating what they have and letting go of past grievances.


Our approach is reinforced by gentle, non-traditional methods such as shape breathing, meditation, mantra chanting, and laughter yoga. We introduce them to Hatha yoga for physical and mental well-being. The polite and respectful conversation is upheld, ensuring that they learn the importance of communication with dignity and empathy. While we provide a nurturing and homely environment, we never compromise on our core values. We believe in setting ethical standards through calm and innovative approaches. These young marginalized girls possess immense potential, and our mission is to help them soar high and, in the process, restore the essence, culture, and value system of India. By imparting these values, we aim to empower them to become not just successful individuals but also compassionate, responsible, and resilient members of society.











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