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Skill and Wellbeing projects

Shakti Sadhana: Classical Dance skills

Brilliant brain hemispheres coordination. Fine and motor skills. Teamwork. Balance. Punctuality. Discipline. Hygiene. Healthy body weight. Happiness. Creativity. Crisis Management. Confidence. Emotional Intelligence. Grounding. Centering. Focus. Memory strengthening. Aesthetics appreciation. High Art sensitivity. Mythological knowledge. Wellbeing.

Some of the many fantastic benefits of ancient complex art forms like Bharatanatyam and Kathak! The curriculum in arts is intense but joyful and life changing!

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World-Class training for 10 years in one dance form

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Performance opportunities nationally and internationally

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Degress and Diplomas from arts universities in the art form

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Choreography opportunities 

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Lecture demonstrations/ workshop leading opportunities

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Teaching the art form experiences

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Visits to art showcases, performances and theatres

NGO Working For Skill Development in India
Hatha Yoga Skills

Shakti Strong: Hatha Yoga skills

Focus. Confidence. Compassion. Emotional Intelligence. Intuition. Memory. Discipline. Teamwork. Hard work. Flexibility. Physical health. Mental health. Oxygen. Breathwork. Stress relief. Wellbeing. Concentration. Vagal Tone.

Some of the many brilliant benefits of the ancient science of Yoga!

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World-Class training for 10 years in Hatha Yoga

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Rhythmic Yoga performance opportunities nationally 

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Classes in Social Emotional Learning for the important 'ethics' for life 

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Training in the first 5 limbs of Yoga philosophy

Shakti Speak: Spoken English skills

The skill for the modern world- every Shakti trains in the RapidEx spoken English course where a teacher to student ratio of 1:2 is used for conversation skills. The program is run by high school and college students from across India thereby instilling in them the gift of service and also paying it forward.

Spoken English Skills
Computer Education Skills

Shakti Shiksha: Computer Education skills

Another indispensable skill for the modern world! 

The Computer Shiksha Magic Box and an entire computer lab and the gift of the digital world! Senior Shaktis at the Haryana centre train in the computer syllabus provided by the non-profit Computer Shiksha.

Shakti Sanjeevani: Supplemetary Nutrition

The Shakti vegetable Juice is an antioxidant powerhouse developed by our Chief Empowerment Officer and former athlete, Hemangi. Our staff and students drink this daily along with black chickpeas and jaggery and bananas.

Skill Development
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