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Five Shakti Verticals for Skills & Well-Being Training


Each movement in Indian classical dance reflects not only discipline but also longevity, impassioned hope, and loyalty toward one's art. Sadhana, as one of the 5 S’s of Sarvam Shakti, offers urban slum girls the chance to learn and master Indian Classical Dances such as Kathak, Bharatanatyam, and Kuchipudi. This is made possible with the guidance of professional teachers specialized in these art forms, providing all marginalized girls with an immersive experience of Indian Classical Dances.

Shakti Sadhana facilitates brain hemisphere coordination, enhances fine motor skills, improves balance, nurtures teamwork, emphasizes punctuality, promotes health and happiness, and sparks creativity among the Shaktis. This is achieved through world-class training that spans over a decade in a single dance form. Moreover, the Shaktis receive equal opportunities to showcase their talents on both national and international stages, effectively representing Indian Classical Dance culture and their unwavering devotion to its spirit.


Our Shaktis are imparted with the teachings of Indian Classical Dance, which helps them cherish their past, embrace their present as a precious gift, and illuminate the path for others to envision the gift of tomorrow through various dance expressions.

NGO Working For Skill Development in India


The ultimate goal of human life is to attain peace. This path to inner peace is paved by the practice of Yoga.


The countless benefits of Yoga include improved focus, heightened emotional intelligence, discipline, enhanced physical health, better oxygen circulation in the body, and much more. It not only strengthens us physically but also mentally, which perfectly aligns with the essence of "Shakti Strong," the name we proudly bear. Recognizing the vital role Yoga and well-being play in people's lives, Shakti Strong focuses on the following areas:

We extend free Hatha Yoga training to underprivileged girls aged 8 to 16. These efforts are complemented by opportunities for rhythmic Yoga performances, both on the national and international stages. To nurture holistic growth, we conduct Social Emotional Learning classes, fostering the development of essential ethical values. Our curriculum also encompasses comprehensive training in the initial five limbs of Yoga Philosophy, along with the impartation of knowledge and insights from the ancient art of Yoga.

The impact of Shakti Strong on marginalized children has been remarkable, instilling strength and resilience. Our overarching vision is to make the benefits of Yoga accessible to every segment of society, especially among remote groups of children. Our dedicated endeavors remain unwavering in pursuit of this noble goal.

English Teaching Program

In today’s world, English has become an essential skill to acquire. To effect real change on a global scale, effective communication of our thoughts and ideas to the entire world is imperative, and English serves as the medium for achieving this purpose.

The Shakti Speak project aims to provide marginalized children access to English through its English Training Program (ETP), an online platform dedicated to children's English language learning. This program is designed with a comprehensive 6-month curriculum that encompasses all facets of the language, ranging from basic introductions and vocabulary to conversational skills and reading-writing proficiency.

We conduct two weekly classes at our Gurugram Centre and also arrange online sessions for Spoken English. We engage volunteers from all across India to facilitate these online classes for our Shaktis. One of the primary challenges in English learning lies in achieving fluency in speaking. Hence, our active focus is directed towards enhancing the Spoken English skills of the children.

Furthermore, we organize events and activities at our centre such as speech & debate competitions, writing competitions to elevate the children's language proficiency. In this swiftly evolving world, English proficiency is crucial to staying aligned with the pace of change. English is a language that is used everywhere today, spanning from educational institutions to multinational corporations.


Limited resources should not hinder children from acquiring proficiency in this language, therefore, we continuously support them.

Spoken English Skills
Computer Education Skills

Computer Teaching Program (CTP) and Remedial Academic Coaching (RAC)


As computer skills are crucial for technological, communicational, and societal progress, Shakti Shiksha recognizes the significance of ensuring their Shaktis possess a strong foundation in various aspects of computer applications through essential computer education.


Shakti Shiksha presents the Computer Teaching Program—an offline initiative that imparts fundamental computer skills (hardware and software) to the students at the center. These teachings occur at the Sarvam Shakti Gurgaon Centre in Haryana.

Shaktis have gained proficiency in essential computer tasks such as typing, web browsing, Microsoft Office applications, file management, email etiquette, and more.


Additionally, Shiksha offers dedicated support in core academic subjects like Hindi, Mathematics, and Science at the Sarvam Shakti Gurgaon Centre. Expert educators in their respective fields ensure comprehensive learning, allowing Shaktis ample time for self-study to facilitate personal growth. In doing so, Shakti Shiksha empowers its Shaktis to excel across various realms of computer application.

Supplementary Nutrition Program

Along with academics and sports, nourishment is as much important to lead a healthy life. A proper nutritious diet involves an adequate number of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, and fats.


Shakti Sanjeevani provides healthy and nutritious food items and drinks to our Shaktis. We give anti-oxidant juice every day to children which is developed by our Chief Empowerment Officer and former athlete, Hemangi, with the assistance of our dear cook, Bina Di. This juice, named Shakti Elixir Juice, is made with more than 15 healthy and natural ingredients like Curry leaves, Amla, carrot, beetroot, apple, and many more.


Along with the juice we provide them chana, jaggery, and banana. As we know these food items are full of nutritional value. Chana is a good source of protein, jaggery helps in digestion, and banana as we all know is a supplier of energy. We promote healthy food and lifestyle wherever we go by using steel bottles instead of plastic, consuming less sugar and less oily food. Children can concentrate more and stay active if they have a healthy body. A healthy body is formed with a healthy diet and Shakti Sanjeevani provides this healthy diet so that our Shaktis can be at their full potential.

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