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At Sarvam Shakti NGO, we have a special program called 'Shakti Strong' that's all about helping young girls who don't have many resources. We teach them how to do yoga in a strong and disciplined way. The yoga poses they learn not only make their bodies flexible but also make their minds sharper and better at working together.

Yoga is a useful skill that helps us understand our own minds better. It's a very old practice that shows us how to be friends with our minds. Just like the Buddha, who said our minds can be our enemies and our friends, these girls learn to make friends with their minds

In 'Shakti Strong,' the girls start with basic yoga poses and breathing exercises. But they also learn something really important—how to watch their thoughts without getting too caught up in them. They sit in a special way called the lotus posture, and it's amazing how calm and focused they become. This calmness helps them concentrate better on their studies, learn new things, and live healthy lives.

So, 'Shakti Strong' isn't just about yoga exercises. It's about helping these girls grow strong in body and mind. It's like unlocking the power of focus and health, making their lives better in every way."

Do watch a demonstration or two of their Rhythmic Yoga showcases!

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