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The Shakti vegetable juice is an elixir of life. ANTIOXIDANTS, PHYTONUTRIENTS, MINERALS- you name it--the 15 magical ingredients have kept our Shaktis so strong and healthy. This entire winter season of 2022, most Shaktis have remained flu free thanks to the healing power of the juice as well as the immunity developed through our curriculum. Here are some of the ingredients and their benefits-

Amla- The most potent form of Vitamin C 
Raw Turmeric- Antiseptic and anti-cancerous
Bottlegourd- Cooling for the stomach
Beetroot- Full of iron
Apple- Vitamin A
Basil- Antioxidants
Curry Leaves- Great for hair
Carrot- Potent for eyesight
Aloe Vera- Cleansing
Celery- Antioxidants
Coriander- Antioxidants

The Shaktis are also given Black Chana and Jaggery on a daily basis. Black Chana is an excellent source of protein and iron and dark jaggery has cleansing medicinal properties. 

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