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The Shakti vegetable juice is a life elixir. ANTIOXIDANTS, PHYTONUTRIENTS, MINERALS - you name it - the 15 magical ingredients that keep our Shaktis strong and healthy. This entire winter season of 2022, most Shaktis stayed flu-free thanks to the juice's healing power and the immunity developed through our curriculum. Here are some ingredients and their benefits:

  • Amla: Most potent Vitamin C form

  • Raw Turmeric: Antiseptic and anti-cancerous

  • Bottlegourd: Cooling for the stomach

  • Beetroot: Rich in iron

  • Apple: Source of Vitamin A

  • Basil: Antioxidants

  • Curry Leaves: Great for hair

  • Carrot: Potent for eyesight

  • Aloe Vera: Cleansing

  • Celery: Antioxidants

  • Coriander: Antioxidants


Additionally, Shaktis get Black Chana and Jaggery daily. Black Chana offers protein and iron, and dark jaggery has cleansing medicinal properties.

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