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A Republic Day 2024 performance to remember on Ambedkar Jayanti

India commemorates Ambedkar Jayanthi or Bhim Jayanti on April 14th, honoring Dr. B.R Ambedkar, the architect of India's Constitution, who dedicated his life to the ideals of equality and social justice. His birthday is also referred to as 'Equality Day' by some in India. Today as we celebrate his birthday, we get reminded of the Constitution and Republic Day.

Every year on Republic Day, India celebrates the adoption of the Constitution, a document that represents Ambedkar's vision for an India where every citizen enjoys equal rights and opportunities. This year 2024, the spirit of Ambedkar fell in deeply with the young women of Sarvam Shakti, who took center stage on Republic Day.

Dressed in vibrant costumes, the Shaktis radiated confidence, and national pride, captivating audiences with their talent and dedication.

“I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.” - Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

With these words of Dr. Ambedkar, the Shaktis showed their progress to audiences across Gurugram who witnessed their passion and skill firsthand

Belmonte, Gurugram 15 Shaktis mesmerized the audience with 3 semi-classical dances and a stunning yoga performance set to patriotic melodies. Shakti Ujala's introduction and their graceful, flowing moves to "Paani" sparked enthusiastic applause. Our Junior Shaktis danced to “Ye Desh hai Veer Jawano Ka”, which made the audience happy and brought smiles to their faces. After all the performances, the refreshments provided energized the Shaktis.

Heritage City, Gurugram 16 Shaktis ignited a sense of national pride at Heritage City with their classical dance to "Vande Mataram" and inspiring yoga poses to "Jai Ho". Shakti Khushi's introduction set the stage, and thunderous applause followed their performance.

The audience's reactions were heartwarming. People hugged the Shaktis, and were eager to learn about their journey and offering support.

The Shaktis enjoyed the delicious lunch at the Heritage City.

Anu Jindal Garg, Head of BJP social media and a resident of Heritage City, invited us to this event and always supported Shaktis with donations, distributions, and stages to perform.

Ritu Mehta, a resident of Heritage City, was truly impressed by the Shaktis potential and their English-speaking skills.  Check out her testimonial in this video:


Exotica, Gurugram Eight Shaktis showcased their talent in Exotica, earning praise for their classical dance to "Ganayaka" and their intricate yoga poses to "Ae Watan."


Thanks to Ms. Alka Sondhi, a core team member, Head of the Shakti Shiksha Project, and a resident of that community, we had the chance to perform in Exotica.


The girls looked beautiful in their tricolor shawls, complemented by the vibrant tricolor decorations. On January 26, 2024, the spirit of B.R. Ambedkar was alive not just in the celebration, but also in the confident performances of the Shaktis.

Ambedkar's words once warned of the contradictions within India's democracy. But through the Shaktis, we witness hope. Their smiles, talent, and determination prove that a more just and equal future is within reach. Join Sarvam Shakti, and let's be part of the generation that finally fulfills Ambedkar's vision for India.

Written By: Shagunthala Ravi


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