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A top school in Delhi invited Shaktis to inspire their school children!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

How amazing is it when a marginalized girls skills project becomes an example for children from wealthy families in big schools to learn from! We are SO grateful to the amazing school The Heritage School Vasant Kunj for inviting us as performers at their Founders Day 2023 celebrations.

Sarvam Shaktis were inspired to speak and share the following amazing tips and life skills they learn at Shakti-

A) How posture makes the body healthy and why is it necessary for students

B) Sitting cross legged has innumerable health benefits and prevents aging of the knees

C) Learning extra-curricular activities like dance and Yoga are KEY to wellbeing and emotional intelligence. Any skill is important if taken up seriously and MUST be incorporated instead of spending time on devices such as TV and iPads.

D) Healthy eating and maintaining a fit body are again key indicators of wellbeing and the Shaktis shared their diets and how they DO NOT eat white sugar, consume dairy on a regular basis and also eat refined flours.

E) Why pranayama and meditation are important especially from a students point of view.

The Principals, teachers and students were SO blown away. The video captures the testimonials straight from their heart.

69 ARTISTES from Shakti in a bus on way to The Heritage School!

Founders Day 2023 celebrations

Cheered on by the middle school!!!

CEO of Sarvam Shakti with the Principal of THSVK

The role models Sarvam Shaktis inspiring the middle school!

Being an Odissi dancer and Indian Dance teacher it gives me immense pleasure to watch Sarvam Girls perform on stage as I can feel that these young girls are working hard to preserve our Indian Culture with so much passion and dedication. They are the one of best example for the people who talks about "women empowerment" It's been almost 4-5 years I have been watching these girls growing up not only as a good dancers also I have seen the development of their overall personality.

4 years back when I got associated with Sarvam Shakti for a dance project through The Heritage School, Vasant Kunj there were only few number of students. But today, I am so glad to see around 60/65 Sarvam Shakti girls.

I wish them all the best for the future and May they keep inspiring each one of us, specially our young generation.

With best wishes,

Pallavi Pramanik

Dance Teacher at The Heritage School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

Do see our previous collaboration a few years ago with The Heritage School Vasant Kunj where students of Sarvam Shakti inspired and taught the students of THSVK and vice versa! What an amazing learning over few weeks for both schools. Economic backgrounds can truly drive people poles apart but a meeting of the hearts through emotional intelligent skills is key. This project was the brainchild of our Founder, Nehha Bhatnagar

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