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Six senior Shaktis performed Bharatnatyam at the Indian Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, Delhi

Updated: Jan 3

We are incredibly proud of our first Shakti batch and the amazing senior Shaktis for lighting up the stage at the Indian Habitat Centre in Delhi.

On 13 October, in the evening, our six seniors, Simran, Anjali, Shivani, Shweta, Priyanka, and Jyoti poured their hearts into a beautiful 12-minute Bharatanatyam performance, the purest form of classical dance. The audience, along with Guru Raja Choudhary Ji, showered them with applause and cheers at the event. It was a heartwarming moment that filled their Aai (Mrs. Hemangi Bhatnagar) with pride and happiness.

The girls performed the 12-minute dance piece on the fusion of 5-6 songs (Shiva Shakti: theme), choreographed and taught by our beloved Bharatanatyam Guru, Ms. Mridula Nambiar. She regularly conducts Bharatanatyam classes for our Shaktis at both the Delhi and Haryana centers, where they learn the refined skills of this beautiful dance form.

Ms. Mridula also accompanied the Shaktis, playing an integral role in their nervous journey to the stage. Shaktis' support and motivation were further amplified through an introductory speech on the dance piece, that was given by their Bharatnatyam guru.

Such events hold their essence not just as sources of opportunities but also as avenues for the exploration of diversity and culture. Coming from marginalized communities, it is never easy for them to manage all in a cup (consistent rehearsals, household chores, internship, college, and school classes, and school studies).

The love and respect they received from the audience touched the very core of their hearts.

As they say, "Little by little, one walks far." These Shaktis, step by step, are creating a brighter tomorrow.

To view the Shakti Bharatanatyam performance video, kindly click on the following link. You will be redirected to the YouTube video:

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