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Women’s Day 2024: The Shaktis Triumph (Part-I) with an Announcement!

Updated: Apr 3

Women's Day isn't just about a date on the calendar – it's about celebrating the endless potential within every woman. For our Shaktis, March 8th, 2024, was an unforgettable chapter in their story. It was a day when their dreams felt closer and their Shaktis unleashed.

From a warm welcome at the luxurious Leela Ambience Hotel to the lively celebration at the Galleria Market, our Shaktis shined. Around 40+ girls from the Gurugram chapter participated on that day.  With each graceful dance step, confident yoga pose, and heartfelt performance, they made audiences cheer and hearts open. They danced for the women in the hotel, for the community leaders, and most importantly, for themselves.

First Venue: The Leela Ambience, Gurugram

The Shaktis, accompanied by office bearers and Ms. Hemangi Bhatnagar, arrived at the Leela Ambience Hotel. Being marginalized girls, they stepped into a world of five-star luxury and everyone gave a heartwarming welcome and a gesture that said, ‘You belong here, you are valued’. The grand welcome melted away any nervousness, replacing it with pure excitement. After a delicious lunch buffet, it was time to take the stage. The hall was filled with an all-women audience – the hotel's incredible staff gathered to witness the Shaktis' talents. Shaktis gave 5 to 6 performances that included Bharatnatyam, Kathak and yoga.

But the most moving moments came with Luka Chuppi – a performance filled with such emotion it brought tears to the audience's eyes.  Then, an expressive dance to the poem from Pink rendered by Amitabh Bachchan represented the very spirit of female empowerment and gave goosebumps to the audience. The applause thundered. These women weren't just impressed, they were genuinely touched by the Shaktis' artistry and potential.

Ms. Hemangi Bhatnagar's speech was packed with pride, not just for the girls' achievements, but for the vital role classical dance plays in unlocking their confidence and expressing themselves.

This incredible opportunity wouldn't have been possible without the steadfast support of three key figures at the Leela Hotel:

Deepika Panditha (HR): Her coordination made the entire event run seamlessly.

Jaydeep Anand (Vice President): His warmth and down-to-earth nature made the Shaktis feel valued and welcomed.

Meenakshi Prabhakar: A true champion for Sarvam and the Shaktis, her continued support, even after transitioning from Hyatt to Leela, has been invaluable.


Gratitude & Growth: The Leela Hotel Partnership


We are happy to announce that The Leela Ambience Hotel is joining hands with us to support and encourage our Shaktis. This partnership builds upon our past successes where Shaktis have showcased their talents through Inner Wheel Club. This collaboration in the coming years is going to be massive. Witnessing the talents and the potential of the Shaktis, The Leela Hotel is going to extend its support through job opportunities and event opportunities for them. This hospitality industry is planning to offer its administrative roles in the future. This encourages our Shaktis and makes their dreams come true. This kind of support pushes Sarvam and its mission to take another powerful step forward, thanks to the support of The Leela Ambience Hotel and we can't wait to see the amazing things our Shaktis accomplish with them. This partnership is a beautiful suite!

Second Venue: Galleria Market, DLF Phase 4, Gurugram

A couple, Ajay Sharma and Vinitha Sharma organized the women’s day event and invited our Shaktis to perform. Evenings don't dim a Shakti's light. At the Galleria Market, despite a long day, our girls sparkled again. They started with Bharatnatyam and danced to Gananayaka and Namo Namo Shiva, which filled the air with the sacred energy of

Mahashivratri. The graceful moves of Namo Shiva, which they rehearsed in just 2 days, showcased their dedication. The backdrop looked great and complemented Shaktis performances. Shakti Ishika bravely overcame the missed introduction notes, somehow managed to remember, and gave the speech, expressing the ’Never Give Up’ spirit we nurture. The host praised this resilient nature and the crowd gave warm support. When Shaktis gave the yoga performance, there were thunderous claps from the audience and they were stunned by their flexibility.

Shaktis were given healthy refreshments that evening.

Sunitha Yadav, the Mayor of Gurugram, gave certificates to the Shaktis and a trophy to Sarvam. This trophy marks the achievements and efforts of Shaktis. The parents of the girls were so proud to see their daughters perform in such big stages and get rewards from the dignitaries of society.

This Women's Day, the world saw a glimpse of the future our Shaktis are creating – a future where every girl has the support to reach her fullest potential. With your help, we can make every day feel empowering.

Join us in volunteering for skill building, donating, and sharing the Shaktis stories. Together, let's turn a single day of celebration into a lifetime of opportunity for our incredible Shaktis.

Written By: Shagunthala Ravi

Proofread and Edited By: Kritika Saraf


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