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A story of true empowerment!

One of Nehha Bhatnagar's first disciples at her soon to be NGO project Sarvam Shakti was Shweta Kumari, a shy clumsy child with the sweetest smile. The daughter of a mother with a leg injury from Polio who works as a maid and a father who is deaf and mute who cleans windows in malls in Delhi, Shweta lives in a room not larger than 7 feet by 7 feet in Delhi's Rangpuri Pahadi urban slum. The oldest of three sisters (all students at Sarvam Shakti), she has been training in all of Shakti's programs since 2013 and is a seasoned Bharatanatyam dancer, choreographer, performer, teacher and has travelled far and wide to showcase her skills. She is a pleasure to interact with and learn from, her students tell us. Yes, her students! She is a dance teacher part-time (she is also pursuing her Bachelors in Delhi University and studying make-up seriously!) at MCD school Malviya Nagar, Delhi where she is paid 1250 Rs. an hour to teach Bharatanatyam and Yoga.

Check out some really cool recreations of memorable pics from 2013 and 2023 of Nehha Bhatnagar with Shweta and her students!

Check out Shweta's resume here!

Shweta Kumari (3)
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Shweta, aged 8 in 2013 with Founder of Sarvam, Nehha Bhatnagar

Shweta with her students in 2023 with the Founder of Sarvam, Nehha Bhatnagar

Nehha Bhatnagar teaching Shweta the basics of Bharatanatyam in 2013

Nehha Bhatnagar teaching Shweta and Shweta's students in 2023!

Check out Shweta performing with the Shakti troupe at India International Centre earlier this year for international delegates!

Shweta standing front left dressed in blue dance costume

A short video on Shweta and her family-

Shweta choreographs reels on Instagram using her skills in Classical dance as a base for exploring different styles of movement. Check her out on shweta_shah41!

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