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Durga Puja 2022 & Shaktis!

"I fall short of words to appreciate Mrs Bhatnagar’s family to have brought about not only this phenomenal change in the lives of 300 otherwise non-privileged girls, but also the change in attitude in a not-too-bothered society in which we live. Mrs. Bhatnagar has very appropriately named them Shakti’s and is acting every moment towards realisation of the term in its true sense.

Going by a good lead, Sarvam Shakti was given a platform to show us a glimpse of their infinite energy by way of performances - first at our Durga Puja Celebration venue and later at an open air stage in our society lawns on Dhanteras evening. Incredibly good, powerful, classy and spell binding as both the performances were, so was the response and reaction from the spectators for the performers as well as for the prime mover - Himangi ji.

For all of us, it has been a big takeaway as to how a single minded devotion and effort can bring out such big transformations!!

I wish Sarvam Shakti all the best towards its much deserved prosperity. '

- Alok Roy,

President, PWO housing complex


President, Sushant Lok Durga Puja Committee

Local celebrities in Gurgaon and Vasant Kunj our little Shaktis are! Performing all over on the sacred occasion of the Festival of Durga Puja, feminine worship of the Mother Divine- our Shaktis really captured the soul of the viewers! Aye Giri Nandini really really moved the audiences to feeling a deep love and reverence for the Devi - the Shakti- the feminine strength within.

Priyanka Chand

Simran Rai

Testimonials poured in from all over on our whatsapp number!

This one from a Mrs Chatterjee for example-

" The programme’Shakti’ by the girls from Sarvam Shakti was deeply innovative and soul stirring. India’s culture was showcased and the girls put up a very impressive performance. Sarvam Shakti is doing an fantastic job of contributing to society by helping the underprivileged girls rise above their situation and also helping them to acquire a pride of place in their lives through such programmes"

We were featured in the lifestyle Gurgaon magazine Hi5!

Download PDF • 1.93MB

BE A SHAKTI for our SHAKTIS! Do support our unique work today!!

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