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#humansofshakti, Celebrating Kritika and her journey at Sarvam!

Updated: 6 days ago

Sarvam Shakti always takes immense pleasure in celebrating the #humansofshakti. It’s time to celebrate not only the Shaktis but also the office bearers. Kritika Saraf is indeed a huge asset for Sarvam. We take this moment to celebrate and appreciate her contributions ON HER BIRTHDAY!

Yes, A Very Happy birthday Kritika!!

Meet Kritika

Forget superheroes – Sarvam Shakti has its powerhouse in the form of Kritika Saraf! This UPSC-aspiring, Jharkhand native joined Sarvam, bringing a whirlwind of dedication and a hunger for knowledge. She believes in the statement of Oprah Winfrey, "You must feed your mind with the reading material, thoughts, and ideas that open you to new possibilities.” Learning and growing are the biggest mottos in her life.

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars,” because Kritika isn't afraid to dream big.

Kritika of all trades

Kritika is a sweet and caring person. Her hard work shows her dedication. She often stays at the office until late to finish her tasks. Kritika's job title is 'Project Management Specialist,' but she's also part mentor, part tech wizard, and a full-time inspiration to our Shaktis. In the absence of our Founder, Ms. Nehha Bhatnagar, she collaborates with our Chief Empowerment Officer, Ms. Hemangi Bhatnagar, to manage the administration work.

Fun Facts: She is a foodie and always a fan of Our Chef, Bina Di’s food. While she champions healthy living and follows Satvic movement, her eyes become wide open when she thinks of Golgappa! And hey, she makes frequent trips to the biometric system and it sees her smiling face often!

Who needs biometrics when you're this dedicated and kind?

Kritika's wealth of knowledge and quick problem-solving skills make her a valuable mentor to

interns. She possesses exceptional writing abilities and well-developed thought processes. From the meticulous management of office work to the nurturing guidance she provides our Shaktis in the Shakti Shiksha Project (computer teaching program), her impact is felt in every corner of Sarvam. Our Shaktis cherish their bond with her, feeling comfortable enough to share their problems. She is their constant source of support and motivation.

"Kritika, You're not just the humblest and sweetest, but also one of the wisest souls I've ever crossed paths with. Your wisdom shines through in everything you do. It's been an absolute honor working alongside you, especially witnessing your dedication to the Shaktis. Sarvam Shakti is seriously lucky to have you as a mentor. Your passion and commitment are truly inspiring. I'm sorry we haven't had the chance to catch up lately, but please know that I miss you immensely. Missing those metro rides where even in the chaos, it felt easy with you." - A heartfelt note from Nikita Gupta, Former Social Media Manager at Sarvam and a close friend of Kritika.

Kritika, your hard work, and commitment elevate Sarvam Shakti and make it stronger and brighter. The entire Sarvam family is thankful for your valuable contributions to our mission and your positive influence on Shaktis. We pray for your well-being to keep doing what you love and sharing your wonderful energy with the world!

Written by: Shagunthala Ravi

Proofread and Edited by: Syed Noor Un Nisa

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