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#HumansOfShakti, Simran becomes the Head Girl of her school

Let’s fly high in the sky of Simran's life sky and see how she embraces the clouds and blessings and turns them into colours.

Our Shakti, Simran Rai, hails from a small village named Sikanderpur Ghosi in Haryana. She is in her 12th grade, studying at The Pine Crest School, Gurugram. Her nuclear family consists of a father, a mother, and two elder brothers. Her father is a street vendor, selling chole kulche and her mother is a homemaker.

The gloomy days in Simran’s life

Simran Rai lives in a small house with a room, kitchen, and bathroom wrapped closely together. She wakes every day before the rooster crows and leaves for school at 6:40 AM. After school, she goes to Sarvam, where she gets trained in yoga, dance, and English. And spends a few hours at the Public Library before she returns home at 9:00 PM. Then she eats dinner and helps her mother with chopping onions and tomatoes for Chole Kulche and also prepares butter and helps with household chores. And when the whole house rests without the sounds of mixer and utensils, she finishes her homework with the company of silence and goes to sleep. Juggling between chasing her dreams and the chores she sleeps only for 4 to 5 hours a day.

Every cloud has a silver lining

As every struggle inches toward Simran, her heart grows with courage and positivity. 

“Strength does not come from physical capacity; it comes from an indomitable will “- Mahatma Gandhi                                        

The above quote of Gandhiji blends with her life. With the situations she faces as a marginalized girl, she is emerging as a self-empowered person. She is bold yet benevolent. When someone feels down, she motivates them and boosts their confidence. She even motivates the kids at Sarvam to learn and take part in the programs. She believes in equality and treats everyone with equal respect. The hardships in her life never sadden her. Instead, she attributes her dignified qualities to those hardships and considers the life she has, a gift.

Sunshine after the storm

The clouds continue to float In Simran’s life but with the sun behind it. In the darkness, Sarvam, her teachers, and the school hold the lantern to show her the right direction. Her God-given talents start to become visible and she has the ability to excel in anything she steps in. Seeing her potential in the English language, Sarvam and the school encourage her. At Sarvam, she shows consistent progress in yoga and her interest in classical dance fetched a place in Sarvam’s dance group. She feels that Sarvam is the turning point in her life and Ms. Hemangi Bhatnagar is her biggest pillar of support. Also, at Sarvam, she’s provided with healthy juices and snacks including meals to support her hard work and perseverance. 

A Colourful Arc in the Sky

‘A rainbow is a promise of both sun and the rain’

The clouds that brought the rainstorm and the sun together produced a seven-colored arc in Simran’s life. The first colour in her rainbow is formed because of one of her teachers from her previous school, The Happy School. Seeing her excel in academics and English, her teacher made sure The Pine Crest School, one of Gurugram’s finest schools, heard about Simran’s talents and gave her 100% scholarship. This is Simran’s very first biggest achievement in her life. After joining Sarvam in 2019, her first performance was a yoga performance at Silver Oaks. We saw nervous eyes that day. After that day she befriended the stage and displayed over 35 performances at prestigious venues till now. She teaches and gives commands to her juniors. She slowly found her leadership abilities and started developing them. As another testament to her hard work, she’s been crowned the head girl at the Pine Crest School recently. Such achievements have given her a boost of confidence and a new dimension to her life. Indeed, she is making her parents and everyone proud. 

The Rainbow That Never Disappears

“A sign of a hard worker is the one who works without complaint – Sarah Price”

Simran works hard consistently without complaining about the weather above her head. The only thing that worries her is the time. Yes, 24 hours a day is not sufficient for this whirlwind. Her struggles to succeed inspire many other marginalized girls and hold a lantern in their lives. When asked about her ambition, all Simran wants is to be nothing but a good human being and considers that to be the toughest job in the world. Isn’t it! 

To us, Simran is a symbol of wisdom, through all the hustles and bustles in her life, she continues to fly to produce many more rainbows that never disappear, and strives to be a respected independent woman in society. 

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