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Menstruation – A matter of knowledge and Dignity

Updated: Apr 3

As the country has been talking about HPV and cervical cancer in recent days, it is necessary to create awareness of menstrual health and hygiene and put a strong foundation to the basics.

“All females deserve menstrual well-being, and that includes knowledge and reassurance about her body from the earliest possible age”, said Nikki Tajiri, the period poet, who wrote many poems on creating a period-positive environment for children.

Talking about menstruation is becoming more common, but many girls still lack the knowledge and resources for healthy, confident periods. Sarvam Shakti understands that education is key.

So, Sarvam took a small initiative to educate our Shaktis about menstruation to create a bigger impact. A workshop was conducted at Sarvam’s Gurugram center by the students from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS) college. The senior Shaktis attended this workshop and about 4 students from the VIPS college enlightened them on the topic “Menstrual Health and Hygiene”.

The girls were so involved and they learned and enriched their knowledge by learning about their bodies, different menstrual products, and how to manage cramps naturally, in this informative session.

They were told about the cost-effective and eco-friendly options for sanitary pads. Did you know about this? No worries! We worked on a small calculation.

The average cost of pads for a year is 50*12 = 600, while the menstrual cup or a bunch of 5 washable and super-comfy cotton pads that averagely cost around Rs.300 and can last for 10 years!

Isn’t it great?

The speakers patiently explained the biological processes behind menstruation with the help of clear diagrams for a better understanding and Shaktis got clear clarity of their own bodies. The myths and stigma about the periods were completely bulldozed that day. They discussed doing yoga, taking rest, and eating healthy foods instead of pills for cramps during menstruation. Dispelling myths and empowering girls with knowledge were the heart of this workshop.

Sarvam doesn't want this knowledge to stay within our walls hoping for a change in this society and to create awareness among the uneducated.

Menstruation is just another natural process in this whole world. Poverty, Stigma, and Limited education and facilities are the challenges faced in our society.

Education on “Menstrual Health and Hygiene” is the solution to all these challenges. Educating poor people about hygiene and helping them with safe alternatives. Education eradicates myths and makes girls and women feel more confident about their bodies. Yes, Menstruating women are not impure! Let us all join together and empower girls and women with accurate information and education on menstruation. It is a dignity and never a barrier to their achievements. 

Written By: Shagunthala Ravi

Proofread and Edited By: Kritika Saraf

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CRY America
CRY America
Apr 03

Very informative story must read

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