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#HumansOfShakti, Muskan Ki Muskaan:)

Updated: Nov 15

Full of joys and a bright smile, she is a 14-year-old Shakti, currently studying in 10th grade at Senior Secondary Government School, Chakkarpur, Haryana. Undeniably, her name perfectly resonates with her personality. #HumansOfShakti

Mushkil hain par namumkin nahin Muskan, whose life journey with Sarvam Foundation started in 2019, dwells in the nearby urban slum of Sarvam Space in Gurgaon, where she and her family live their lives in tough living conditions. Her father works as an autorickshaw driver and her mother is a housewife. Life is hard as many auto driver bhaiyas struggle to make ends meet and also there is a lot of responsibility on the daughter of the home to do the cooking. cleaning, washing. She gets beaten up by an older brother too but her mother often covers it up by insisting that it is the way boys show love. The two elder brothers do love her, however, Sarvam has on many occasions explained to the parents that violence is never the way to show love. Muskan does share some pleasant moments with her parents and siblings though. And like every family anywhere, they too are facing their own share of life's challenges.

Sarvam is fortunate to be her life's superpower But these challenges neither stop Muskan from learning new things nor decrease the support she receives from her parents, to study, learn dance, and Yoga. She says she receives enough support from her friends at Sarvam too and she is always excited about coming for classical dance, Yoga, Spoken English, and Computer practices, at the Sarvam center, as she feels these skills are adding to her knowledge and confidence on a daily basis. During our conversation with one of her friends Simran, it was revealed that she excels in the realm of mudras, and displays precision and elegance while using her hands during the classical and semi-classical dance rehearsals and performances. Even Muskan told us, how much she loves to choreograph the dance pieces.

Besides, she is always dedicated and aims to improve her conversation skills in the English language. and Computer learning. Her daily routine is a testament to her dedication. Her day starts at around 6 AM when she quickly completes her morning routine and rushes to school so that she isn't late. After returning from her school by 2:45 PM, she helps her mother with a few household chores and gears herself to reach Sarvam Center by 4 PM, where she learns Hatha Yoga, meditation, Bharatanatyam & Kathak. She tells us that she and her family have witnessed positive changes in her personality with respect to her confidence, self-esteem, body flexibility, and mental calmness. Her evenings after classes at Sarvam are mostly dedicated to supporting her mother, spending time with her family members, and completing her homework before bedtime.


Her smile narrates her story so strongly. Isn't it?

Strengths & Growth We still remember the day at Leela Hotel, when Muskan burst out in tears when she was badly scared after her mother called up to ask why she was not back at home till then. It was quarter to 8, and the Shakti girls had just ended up with their dance and Yoga performance. "Despite her mother's frequent petty scoldings and punishments, her tenacity remains unshaken. She remains devoted to her art and education, displaying unwavering persistence and consistency", says Mrs. Hemangi Bhatnagar who is lovely called as Aai by all the Shaktis at Sarvam. While Muskan has not fallen in love with the taste of Sarvam Shakti Juice, she's convinced it's her superhero in disguise! This power-packed elixir, a blend of more than 15 magical and healthy ingredients at our center, has turned her into a health warrior. Gone are the days of frequent bouts of illness – she's a fortress now! So, even if she's not a fan, she's a dedicated believer.

But, behind the scenes, sometimes, Muskan playfully satisfies her junk cravings, during the events. She has been often caught by her dear Aai and Bina Didi, but they lovingly let these mischiefs slide because she is quite self-motivated to come back on her track. She fills her daily nutrition gap by eating bananas, drinking Shakti juice, and munching on wholesome snacks like Gud and Chana. At home, it's all about dal, rice, veggies, and roti. In her four years here, she's mastered the art of avoiding outside packaged junk food, but sometimes, she gives in to her cravings!

"In the artistic world of classical dance of Yoga, Muskan weaves tales with her skilled hand mudras and paints emotions with her bold expressions, a confident star who has graced countless stages in her four-year journey."

Ideated and written by: Ms. Kritika Saraf (Project Specialist & Administration Head)

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