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Nanhe Paon, Chote Pankh, Badi Udaan, Adrika

Updated: Nov 21


Adrika, a nine-year old little gem, studies in 3rd grade at Vidhya School in Nathupur, Gurgaon, Haryana. She resides with her mother, a housewife, her three-year old younger brother, and her father, who manages to earn survival-sufficient monthly income. She shares a very close relationship with her family members.

Being a little girl who is yet to experience the world at large, Adrika feels fortunate enough to not have faced any significant challenges till now.


As every child is asked, “Bade hokar kya banoge beta?”, the curious little Adrika too was once asked about her aspirations in life, to which she remarked how deeply fascinated she was, after witnessing the recent success of Chandrayan 3 mission and aspires to be a scientist one day.


She joined Sarvam Foundation three years ago, at the age of six, and has beautifully mingled with the Shakti family, the senior, middle and junior students. She started her journey at Sarvam as a dancer and has been studying Bharatnatyam, pure form of classical dance, with great enthusiasm. Primarily, she started taking her lessons in Kathak, but being a curious learner, her interest shifted to Bharatnatyam, which she is gradually mastering. For the first time, Shakti Adrika had performed live on the stage on the patriotic song “Ae Vatan”. With so many eyes glancing at her, she recalled the feelings of nervousness which she had felt on stage but managed to deliver a seamless performance which granted her great confidence, and now she has successfully performed in ten distinct events with a wide smile on her face. Particularly, her core memory takes her back to the day when she performed the song “O Palanhaare”, which was a great success and she even got a lot of compliments from the audiences, a memory which hypes her up every time she thinks about it.


What makes this little girl an exception among her peers is her unique ability to perform yoga and dance, particularly Bharatnatyam. Her body flexibility often startles the audience. She can perform both yoga and dance quite adeptly. Instead of spending her time at liberty, wandering here and there or engrossing herself in gadgets which most of the children in today’s generation do, she chooses to spend her days unleashing her potential. She is a chotu packet, bada dhamaka:D


She begins her day by waking up in the morning, freshening up, and then heading to school. She returns home at 2:30 p.m. and then proceeds to prepare herself for her daily activities at Sarvam. At Sarvam, she engages in a half-hour yoga session from 5-5:30 p.m. and subsequently participates in her dance classes. Besides learning dance, she has also joined her classes for yoga and computer to learn and enhance her skills in these domains as well. Finishing her hectic schedule, she eagerly waits for the shakti juice filled with healthy nutrients along with gur-chana. Consuming it regularly has significantly enhanced her immune system, making her less prone to diseases. Following this, she concludes her day. On some days, she also partakes in the workshop conducted at Sarvam.


Before she became a part of this family, her spoken English was very weak and she used to get low grades in the subject because of which her parents were disappointed in her. However, upon joining the English classes at Sarvam, she has shown significant improvements in the language, so much so, that she has even delivered quite a few speeches in English on many occasions held at Sarvam. Her feelings of nervousness and anxiety have now given way to her feelings of self-confidence. We are hopeful that she will master this skill as well.


When you ask a nine-year-old, “If you had any superpower, what would it be and how will you use it?”, you generally get responses like “I would like to fly” or “I would like to be a batman or a superman and so on”. But this girl is different, unlike most of the children. When she was asked this question, she responded by saying that if she ever got superpowers then she would use them to help the poor people out of their miseries. She has seen so many people around her suffering from poverty that she feels deeply sad about it and would change it in any opportunity she got. She would also guide the misguided children, making them realize their rights and wrongs, as she has seen most of her peers in school being misled to the wrong path and its negative consequences.


Adrika says that Sarvam is a perfect platform where one can enjoy and learn new skills every day.

The foundation has welcomed this little soul with such warmth that she loves being a shakti now and looks forward to regularly spending her time with her newfound family. She loves attending her classes at Sarvam, which is significantly transforming her into a better person every day. Being a part of this journey, she has also become more respectful. She always feels like she is surrounded by individuals whose hearts are filled with kindness and compassion. She has also expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards Simran Didi, Indrajeet Didi, and Hemangi ma’am as they have been her consistent motivation in this journey, teaching her some unforgettable life lessons every single day.

Adrika loves Hemangi Aai, for she always boosts up her confidence whenever she feels down and guides her towards the path of success. Inderjeet Didi and Simran Didi, as she mentioned are her guiding mentors, she personally adores, who according to her are the driving forces towards her proficiency in Yoga and Dance. They make learning for her very enjoyable and interesting. Adrika is a curious little ray of sunshine, lighting everyone up around her with her giggles and her mischievousness. As a learner, she is very sincere and willingly acquiring new skills regularly. As a nine-year-old child, her determination to learn with such seriousness surprises everyone around her. She is always willing to reflect upon her mistakes and learn from them. When needed, she also takes up the charge of ensuring discipline around her, even if it means correcting her seniors. She is a dedicated child with big aspirations who is bound to achieve wonders in her life if she continues to evolve like this.

Blog writing credits: Ms. Soumi Chakraborty

Ideator & Editor: Ms. Kritika Saraf

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