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Sarvam Shakti Mehndi moments, Karwa Chauth Celebrations!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Henna Tales : An Ink Of Culture

Henna art, popularly called as Mehndi in India, takes a centre stage during cultural functions as it is symbolic of Indian culture. It has a history that goes back about 5000 years ago. Originating from Egypt & Middle East, the henna art tradition spread slowly to the Indian subcontinent and other parts of the world. "MEHNDI" is thought to represent happiness, beauty, and spiritual enlightenment. Mehndi is believed to act as a protective shield against evil spirits and a source of blessings. In many wedding traditions, the bride's hands and feet are decorated with alluring mehndi designs to represent beauty, auspiciousness, and to wish the newlyweds luck as they embark on their new life together. The tradition of applying mehndi may have considerably evolved over time, but it continues to be an integral part of celebrations and ceremonies in many cultures where people express their cultural identity and creativity.

Cultural Palette, Karwa Chauth & Mehndi Function

In Hinduism, "Karwa Chauth" is a fasting ritual observed by married Hindu women. It is a day-long fast that women undertake for the well-being and longevity of their husbands. Mehndi is an important part of Karwa Chauth ritual, as it is symbolic of women's ornamental beauty and love. Just the day before the Karwa Chauth function, ladies get their hands painted with the color of mehndi, in the most beautiful patterns.

This year, the ladies of various Gurgaon societies & condominiums (Exotica, Aralias, Camelias, Belmonte), and the Inner Wheel Club ladies, who have always been a huge support for our organization's vision, invited sarvam girls to apply mehndi designs on their palms. Six Shaktis, "Neelam", "Anu", "Kusum", "Viveka", "Muskan" & "Anshu", got a wonderful opportunity to assume the role of henna artists. Filled with enthusiastic eyes, the girls reached the desired location on 31st October at around 11:30 a.m in the morning. They were given a warm welcome. After some relaxation and food, the girls began applying henna on the graceful hands of these ladies. Their persistent hard work and hours of patience had paid off as the event turned out to be a huge success where the girls could achieve a milestone by earning a noteworthy amount for themselves. They even received numerous heartfelt compliments from the women.

Shakti Hunar & Honsla

Few of the the ladies were actually so impressed with the kind of designs that the sarvam girls had applied, that they were taken aback by their HUNAR AND HONSLA. Of course, it isn't easy to manage all. Managing household chores at home, financial constraints, lack of resources and facilities, school homework, sarvam dance and yoga training, english classes, marriage pressure, as well as new skill development. It takes courage to balance all, at such a tender age. This event will an important chapter in their books of memories and experiences, and it will remain imprinted in the girl’s lives because it was not just an opportunity to bravely use their creativity to earn, but also brought with itself a chance to feel confident and realize the power of self-worth.

Reflecting back on this rewarding day, the shaktis extended their deep appreciation towards the core members, Mrs. Hemangi Bhatnagar and Mrs. Alka Sondhi (Core Team Member - Shakti Shiksha Lead) as this event would not have been possible without the initiative taken by the core members. Mrs. Alka Sondhi who has been a consistent support for the foundation for many years, single-handedly encouraged the other team members of the foundation to generate and promote flyers and posters in various societies and condominiums of Gurgaon, where the Shaktis' Henna artistry skills were evidently highlighted. She played a major role in spreading the word about Sarvam Foundation and its talented shaktis which made the entire event a huge success and even made sure that the girls were served with some mouth watering dishes as well. Mrs. Hemangi ma’am took the entire responsibility of ensuring that the girls reach their desired destinations safe and sound and constantly motivated them and cheered them up.

It truly was a day to reminisce.

Written & Edited by : Ms. Soumi Chakraborty & Ms. Kritika Saraf

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