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Shaktis at Bengali Mela, Gurgaon Sector 27

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Namo Namo, choreographed by the young Shaktis!

The Shaktis performed at the Bengali Mela on 12th Febraury, 2023 which was held at Sector 27 for the Bengali community in Gurgaon area. There were many stalls which were beautifully set up. The stage was also gorgeously set up. The place was well decorated with a Bengali theme. Many people, especially from the Bengali community, who are residing in Gurgaon, visited the mela with their family and friends. Most of the stalls were very attractive due to their arts and handicrafts items.

They performed the Sarvam Poem, Namo Namo, Naa-kato, Vande Mataram, Dholida and Yoga at the event. Many of the dignitaries and organisers of the mela appreciated the Shaktis for their beautiful performances. The crowd cheered and enjoyed it. At the event we introduced Sarvam Foundation and the workings of the organisation. We also told the crowd how Sarvam Foundation is working for the upliftment of the marginalised girl child of the society to bring a change in their life to help build a career of their own and to help spread the same values that the organisation upholds.

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