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Shaktis at Ganesh Utsav Program, Sector-27 Gurgaon

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Naman to Lord Ganesha (Vignaharta) 🙏

The entire Sarvam team, hand in hand with the Shakti girls, went to The Community Centre in Sector-27 on September 27 to partake in the Ganesh Utsav performance program. The Maharashtra Club had graciously invited them to be a part of this vibrant event. The morning sun had risen with the promise of a great day, yet as time played its own tune, the Shakti performance began at 1:30 pm.

Dancing to the Rhythm of Gannayaka

The stage lit up with vibrant energy as the Shaktis gracefully moved in their kaleidoscopic dance costumes. Their classical dance presentation was a blend of Kathak and Bharatanatyam, the girls danced in harmony with the devotional song "Gannayaka". Dressed in their new jewelry sets, the junior Shaktis gleamed with excitement, as their young hearts beat to the rhythm of their first stage performance.

It's a beautiful feeling, watching their potential flourish on such a grand canvas.

Yoga with Grace on the song Gajanana

The dance was a testament to the Shaktis' artistic talents, and their yoga routine was an exhibit of their strength, confidence, and coordination. The rhythmic yoga flowed with grace and the audience was complete spellbound.

Pooja, one of our experienced Shaktis, shines bright as a star in self-choreographing rhythmic yoga performances for the group. Her growth at Sarvam is inspiring. She crafts her dance routines and fills us with pride, becoming a role model for the junior girls who love learning from her.

The spectators' applause and cheers weren't just sounds but a warm embrace, lifting the spirits of the Shaktis and the entire Sarvam team, igniting their resolve and enthusiasm to forge ahead.

The Beauty of Uniformity

In their red and black Sarvam uniforms, the yoga girls stood as a symbol of unity and discipline.

The Sarvam team, accompanied by Mrs. Hemangi Bhatnagar (Chief Empowerment Officer), Mrs. Nanda Karmalkar (Sarvam Shakti Bangalore Chapter Head), Vijay Kumar (All-rounder office bhaiya), Miss Kritika Saraf (Project Manager), and Vivek Singh Rana (Videographer & Editor), ensured that the event flowed seamlessly.

Journey Filled with Joy and Generosity

The journey to and from the venue was a delightful chapter in itself, filled with laughter and memories. Vijay Bhaiya and Vivek became the unofficial photographers, capturing countless pictures and selfies. The Ganesh Mandal had thoughtfully arranged prasadam, urging the Shaktis to partake before leaving. The meal was not just filling; it was a taste of gratitude for a day well spent.

Touching Hearts and Inspiring Generosity

The Ganesh Utsav committee was so touched by the performance that they decided to donate 5000 rupees to support Sarvam's mission. Moreover, an individual spectator stepped up, contributing a similar amount, along with encouraging words that warmed hearts and fueled the Shaktis' determination.

In the Footsteps of Lord Ganesha

As we reflect on this heartwarming day, we can't help but draw parallels between Lord Ganesha, the Vignaharta (remover of obstacles), and the Shaktis. Much like Lord Ganesha embodies strength and resilience in the face of challenges, our Shaktis continue to shine despite the hurdles they face in their marginalized backgrounds. Their journey is a testament to the relentless spirit that empowers them to overcome obstacles with grace and determination.

A Day to Remember

In the spirit of Ganesh Utsav, this day was a beautiful reminder that unity, courage, and talent can create magic on any stage. With each performance, the Shaktis grow stronger, and Sarvam's mission marches on. As we look back on this unforgettable day, we're filled with gratitude for the generous hearts that support and celebrate these incredible young women.

Watch the Ganesh Utsav YouTube video to get a deeper glimpse of the day -

Written by: Ms. Kritika Saraf (Project Specialist & Administration Head)

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