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The Inner Wheel Club Annual Sports Event & Shaktis!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

More than 60 of our Shaktis performed at the Inner Wheel Club Annual Sports Events at Jasola Sports Complex which is located at Jasola Vihar, Delhi. Many boys and girls from various NGO and schools from Delhi came to the event to participate.

Many of our Shaktis participated in different races which included three-legged race, 100 meter race etc. Some of them presented a cultural dance show as an awareness to save trees and water.

Our Chief Empowerment Officer, Hemangi Bhatnagar was a track and field champion in her younger days and needless to say was thrilled to mentor the girls in running practice weeks before leading up to the event!

Our Shaktis running and winning!

Some of them even won medals. Members of the Inner Wheel Circle welcomed us warmly. Lunch was served at the event. Our Shaktis set an example to the other participants by maintaining the decorum of cleanliness at the event. Few of the mothers of the Shaktis came along with us to witness the events. We are grateful for their support and for taking care of the children. The Shaktis enjoyed the whole journey back to the centre by singing and merry making. The mothers showed appreciation to Sarvam Foundation for giving them the opportunity to come out of their houses and explore. They expressed heartfelt gratitude to Sarvam Foundation for not only changing their daughters’ life but also their lives.

60 Shaktis dancing!

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