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World Nutrition Day: Nourishing Our Shaktis for a Brighter Future

Updated: May 29

What is one of the most essential things we usually ignore?

It is Nutrition!

But first of all, let's get to know what Nutrition is.

Nutrition is like fuel for our bodies! We need it to stay energized and make ourselves strong. Just like the cars need fuel to run, our bodies need the right food to keep going. Nutrition helps us get the essential nutrients we need to grow and feel happy and healthy.

Types of Nutrients

They are mainly classified into two types:-


  • The body needs these in large quantities.

  • Carbohydrates provide energy.

  • Proteins help in building the body and repair tissues.

  • Fats help maintain hormonal balance and absorption of vitamins.


  • The body needs these in smaller amounts.

  • Vitamins are needed for normal cell function, growth, and development.

  • Minerals fulfill various functions, such as building materials for our bones, influencing muscle and nerve function, and regulating the body's water balance.

On the occasion of World Nutrition Day on 28th May, let's analyze the significance of a healthy nutrition intake.

These days, we are so busy with our lives that we tend to ignore the nutritious values of our daily food.

Let me explain how; attached is an image for your reference by a famous food influencer known as the "Food Pharmer." 

 Credit- Revant Himatsingka, @foodpharmer.


As you can see, a bottle of Frooti contains ten teaspoons of sugar!

Shocking right?

Will you be able to consume ten teaspoons of sugar in one go?

Imagine how unhealthy it would be!

But we drink it and enjoy it as well, so from next time onwards, keep this in mind before drinking your favorite beverage.

Why is Nutrition important?

  • Nutrients help us to keep our bodies healthy, energetic, and disease-free.

  • It helps in the overall growth and development of children. Children with prope r nutritious diets have better health, proper brain function, and a more robust immune system.

Things we can do

  1. Avoid processed food - these foods usually contain harmful ingredients such as added sugars and palm oil, which are bad for you in the long run.

  2. Don't overeat - always limit your food intake, as overeating leads to obesity.

  3. Drink water and natural fruit juices, which are rich in nutrients.

SHAKTI SANJEEVANI: Supplementary Nutrition Program

Shakti Sanjeevani provides healthy and nutritious food items and drinks to our Shaktis. We give children anti-oxidant juice daily to children, which was developed by our Chief Empowerment Officer and former athlete, Hemangi, with the assistance of our dear cook, Bina Di. This juice, named Shakti Elixir Juice - is made with over 15 healthy and natural ingredients like Curry leaves, Amla, carrot, beetroot, apple, and many more.

We provide them with chana, jaggery, bananas, and juice. As we know, these food items have full nutritional value. Chana is a good protein source, jaggery helps digestion, and banana, as we all know, is an energy supplier. A healthy body is formed with a nutritious diet, and Shakti Sanjeevani provides this healthy diet so that our Shaktis can reach their full potential.

This nutrition day, Sarvam appeals to every one of you to consume nutritious food and spread awareness about Nutrition to your friends and family.

Join the Sarvam Foundation to promote a healthy, nutritious diet! Written by: Raunak Yadav

Proofread and edited by: Syed Noor Un Nisa


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