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Enhanced Supplementary Nutrition!

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

The Shakti vegetable juice is an elixir of life. ANTIOXIDANTS, PHYTONUTRIENTS, MINERALS- you name it--the 15 magical ingredients have kept our Shaktis so strong and healthy.

Here is a video by our Chief Empowerment Officer explaining the recipe!

And now we have gone a step further by adding in these two power ingredients-

Black chana + Jaggery to give it a PROTEIN punch!

Black Chana

Brown Jaggery

At Shakti, we believe in being extra kind- and unfortunately eggs these days are not ethically sourced. The poor birds suffer and also the added injections and hormones to the birds to plump them up only adds to growth in our cells and hence its not even a healthy option any longer.

If a horse can get his power from plants, and a rhino and an elephant- so can we!!

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