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Gully Girls

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

When we watched the movie Gully Boy, the story of empowerment of a marginalized boy through learning rap music, it reminded us of our own project Sarvam Shakti where performing arts are a medium of discovering their self-worth- her inner Shakti. That strength, that power within that is a force much beyond gender. It is a force of good in this world much greater than what we can ever imagine- only if we care to discover it. Each and every one of us are worthy of love, respect, an identity, compassion and yet for millions of girls- that is a distant dream. They seem to be a statistic in the annals of history- always downtrodden, always secondary. Enabling girls to recognize their self-worth, their inner Shakti free from the strappings of gender, economics, class can be HUGELY beneficial for them and also for the society at large.

Giving them an education that is fearless, creative, imaginative, energetic and also full of health and healing is the answer to a world of Shaktis!

Educate a Girl. Educate a Community


Just the simple fact of turning towards a child and saying 'I see you and you are so worthy of all my love and respect' is enough to bring structural changes for our world. At Shakti, we recognize this and therefore our curriculum is joyful, creative, hopeful, compassionate and full of wonder for a girl child. It is holistic education for she not only trains her physical self, but also her mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

This is a film made so beautifully by Sahil Fauzdar, a DOP by passion and an enterpreneur by profession assisted by Puneet Bhojwani. The concept is by Nehha Bhatnagar and this film will release soon in collaboration with an international arts organization.

If you find this blog post meaningful, do support our unique work for girl child empowerment!

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