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Who is Sarvam Shakti?

She travels to various countries as a cultural ambassador

She is her school representative at debates

She is her schools cultural head

She is a state level champion at classical dance

She is interning as a fine visual artist with a book publisher

She is in college pursuing applied arts

She stands first in her dance diploma exams

She can do a headstand

She teaches children ancient art forms in govt schools

Now imagine this

She lives in a home not larger than 6 feet by 8 feet

She awakens at 5am to help her father prepare cholas for his bhatura cart or redi food stall

She scrubs the utensils at night for her five siblings

She delivers clothes as a presswali

She cleans her father’s auto rickshaw

She cooks all the food for her younger brothers

She only eats the cheapest possible food available

She often sees her mother with no voice

She is however full of hope and promise for the future

She recognizes that she is not a statistic

She is power

She is compassion

She is love and confidence

She is selfworth

She is Sarvam Shakti.

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