Since 2015, through our association with Brave Kids, Poland, Shakti girls go annually to represent India and their particular art forms at a very unique arts Festival.


The girls share their art forms and learn the arts from over 100 children from 20+ countries! Brave Kids is a beautiful celebration of the arts and the world's children, most of them marginalized.


Max India Foundation is the leading group in India's healthcare is now focussed on education as their primary purpose of social change.


The very special organization has joined us in 2019 to support the Educational aspect of Sarvam Shakti's vision. 


Cargill India Pvt Ltd is one of the world's largest companies in the agri- business and has offices in 70 countries. 


Cargill's India chapter is very graciously supporting the nutritional aspect of Shakti's vision this year through the Cargill Women's Network.