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30kgs of cloths and artifacts donation from Australia!

A former librarian, a conscious environmentally aware citizen and a very generous donor, Diana Clark who decided to donate a large amount of indigenous clothing from Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia, Peru and Australia. She is a avid traveller and loves to collect artefacts, cloths, handicrafts etc. She buys them from the minority community in order to support them. She loved the concept of Sarvam Shakti and donated materials weighing 30 kgs which our Founder Nehha carted from Australia back with her! We have decorated our centre with some of her artifacts and have given some of the cushion covers etc to the girls to brighten their homes. With all the rest of the material- we are giving it to the Shakti mothers to stitch up into beautiful items worth selling to raise money directly for their families.

Shaktis taking the Gujarati cushion covers

Shaktis wearing Indonesian light sleeves

Support staff did Beena with her Indonesian wrap-around skirt

Sarvam will help in dissemination of the information of their designs and products. How grateful we are to such generous donors who deliberately and constantly choose humanity instead of gaining a profit for themselves. To donate any goods in good condition, in kind to us, please drop us an email or call us and let us know! We can get them collected. Thank you! All details are on this page.

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