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A message from our Chief Empowerment Officer!

The love respect and adulation I get from the Shaktis daily at our centres has made my life absolutely worth living. I get up each day with a huge smile on my face and with an eagerness to be of some use to society through our work at Shakti. In my 60s could I ask for a better gift than to see my little girls thrive, find their zest and zeal for living, thriving and being recognized for their talents?

I go away for a family trip or a marriage ceremony and in two days I try and return as being away from these children seems hard! I just enjoy being surrounded by hundreds of eager blossoming young girls who have dreams in their eyes for a more empowered tommorrow!

I AM SO GRATEFUL to all of you reading this for supporting our work in whichever way- your special way actually. WITHOUT YOU, WE CANNOT DO THIS! SO, thank you for BEING A SHAKTI FOR SHAKTI.

We look forward to a 2023 of more resources for these 300 Shaktis at our 3 Centres so that we can fulfill any lacunae in their life. For example, if we feel a girl is getting anaemic, we would need iron supplements and an extra boost of beetroot supplies for her.

QUALITY IS EVERYTHING at Shakti and we wish to continue to focus on that aspect while growing our verticals stronger. We have the Digital Literacy starting off now under the able leadership of Alka Sondhi as well as a new Outreach vertical under Tripti and also Nutrition under Chetana. Ritu Gulati will be powering up the English classes more and I have no doubt with such an able team and our dance/yoga verticals already thriving, we will be truly unleashing Shakti.

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