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Digital Education at the Haryana Centre & our Lead Shakti for computers!

Mrs Alka Sondhi is a beautiful dynamic human being with a wealth of experience in Computer Education. She is joining Shakti as the Lead Shakti for the Digital Education vertical and is also helping Sarvam with reaching out to like minded volunteers. A mother of extremely accomplished daughters ( one is a Pilot with Air Asia and the other a Finance Executive from Cornell Univ, USA). She really does understand what it means to have our daughters liberated and educated!

Smt. Alka Sondhi

A computer teacher with almost 18 years of experience who is trained in computer and management. She moved along with her husband because of the nature of his job and was a part of “Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation” as well. She is a part of Sarvam Shakti now since April 2022 and upholds great views about Sarvam.

“Sarvam is a very unique idea for underprivileged girls in it’s own way. It provides holistic education and take care of their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health . Shakti girls have their head held high with pride because of their skills. Their soul is being nurtured here.”

She feels like computer basic skills are needed for a better chance at jobs these days and contacted a NGO called Computer Shiksha Foundation and provides computer literacy programs all over India for collaborations with them. And after their agreement, they gave us a Computer Shiksha Magic Box which is installed at the Gurgaon Centre. She wants to train them and she plans to make arrangements for their examination after every module that will be conducted by the foundation.

Unveiling the Computer Shiksha Magic Box!

“I want a slow but steady improvement in their skills." We are so grateful for her heart here at Shakti!

To support our digital literacy and other programs, Be a Shakti for Shakti!

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