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Happy Birthday to Our Superwoman: Ms. Hemangi Bhatnagar

Today isn't just another day at Sarvam – it's a day to celebrate the heart and soul of our family, the incredible Ms. Hemangi Bhatnagar. The Shaktis call her 'Aai', mother in Marathi, and that word embodies everything she means to them.

Sarvam isn't just a place to learn – it's a home. And a huge part of that warm, nurturing environment comes from the one and only Ms. Hemangi. But how does she do it all?  Let's take a peek behind the magic!

Who is Ms. Hemangi Bhatnagar?

Ms. Hemangi Bhatnagar is the Chief Empowerment Officer at Sarvam Shakti. A former National Level athlete in the Track, Badminton, and Kho Kho sports, she was truly on her way to becoming a full-time sportsman had the societal commitments not come her way. She brings keen discipline and knowledge of physical health and well-being to the Shakti program. She helped design healthy food recipes for Whole Foods India from 2009-2018.

A Juggling Master

Ms. Hemangi's dedication extends far beyond the dance floor. She plays a vital role in ensuring Sarvam runs smoothly.  In  Ms. Nehha Bhatanagar's absence, Ms. Hemangi seamlessly steps up to manage everything. From overseeing day-to-day operations to ensuring student well-being, and accompanying Shaktis to performance, she juggles multiple responsibilities with remarkable skill.  Her unwavering commitment keeps Nehha's vision for Sarvam alive and thriving.

Energy That Never Fades

Have you ever seen someone seemingly tireless after a long day of performances? That's Ms. Hemangi Even when everyone else is drained, her energy is infectious. She leads post-performance discussions with enthusiasm, offering insightful feedback and motivating girls to reach for new heights. Her constant encouragement fuels their passion and pushes them to embrace new challenges.

The Heart of Sarvam

Ms. Hemangi is so much more than a leader – she's the heart and soul of Sarvam.  Her dedication, her positive energy, and her genuine care for each of us make Sarvam a place where we can truly learn, grow, and feel loved. We are so grateful to have her as our guiding light!

Her tireless efforts have brought about positive change in the lives of countless individuals. We are grateful for her leadership, compassion, and unwavering dedication to making the world a better place.

Here's to Ms. Hemangi Bhatnagar, a true leader and an inspiration to us all! May this birthday be a reminder of the remarkable impact she has made and the countless lives she continues to touch. Happy Birthday, Aai!

Written By: Syed Noor Un Nisa

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