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Joy of self-choreography on Bollywood songs!

To keep the emotive skills up as it forms an integral part of Classical Dance, it is important to continously practice, choreograph and also learn nuances of all sorts of emotions! What sets our Shaktis apart is their self-will to want to choreograph and ask the Founder, Nehha, herself a professional in Abhinaya (emotions) for corrections and feedback. To keep it lighter and more exciting as Abhinaya can be particularly difficult to master, we also encourage Shaktis to choose beautiful Hindi music from films as connecting to lyrics and feeling them is an integral part of being a fantastic authentic artist!


Watch a video by Nehha to see how beautiful and nuanced Abhinaya can be and to see what a wonderful mentor the Shaktis have!

WATCH THE SHAKTIS abhinaya videos from LOCKDOWN-

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