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Junior Shaktis hold their own at this Corporate Family day event!!

Our young Gurgaon Shaktis have confidence that can shatter glass ceilings, metaphorically and literally- nothing seems to daunt them- nothing seems impossible. They give RESILIENCY a new name- they can bounce back from almost any challenge.

Mr. Rajeev Bhargava, the Managing Director of PMR RELOCATIONS PVT LTD in Gurgaon was very impressed seeing the Shaktis perform during the Independence Day celebrations in DLF. He invited them to showcase their art forms at the annual Family event for his 140+ employees. The girls had a field day at the farmouse enjoying delicious foods and also showcasing their hard work. Bhargava Sir is also supporting us monthly as a donor. Thank you so much Sir.

At your next event, or if you know of an organization hosting a conference/seminar/festival- do have the Shaktis perform. To know more about this please visit this page to see what we mean by BEING A SHAKTI for SHAKTI by providing a stage! Whatsapp and call us on +919871157202 or email us on!

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