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Nutrition Workshop by Chetna

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Chetna who is the head of our nutrition vertical, Shakti Sanjeevani, conducted a workshop on Nutrition at the Gurgaon centre for the middle school Shaktis.

Here is an audio recording of her talk- super simple and informative!

They were introduced with the various nutrients that we get from the foods we eat to the water we drink. They were taught that these nutrients can be present in all the vegetables and their products that we eat everyday. Since all the Shaktis belong to the marginalised community they were taught that they can get these nutrients in affordable products too.

The little Shaktis were so grateful to learn about all the nutrients that we need in our body to lead a healthy life. The Shaktis went home eagerly wanting to share the information with their family members. Chetna has been involved with the Shaktis since a year now and the Shaktis were so happy to learn from her once again.

About Chetna:

She hails from Mumbai and has completed her majors in Nutrition from the SNDT Mumbai.

Chetna has been passionate about Child Nutrition since the time she was in college and that passion got extended to her taking it up professionally. She had her initial stint with Nestle post which she ventured out on her own to craft PediaNutri.

With two boys of her own aged 9 years and 12 years now, her hunger for crafting and sharing ways and means of proper upbringing grew manifolds.

Chetna carries with herself 17 years of enriching experience that spans across one to one consultations, creating meal plans, guidance on child upbringing w.r.t eating habits, taking sessions for young moms.

She specialises in tackling specific issues like obesity, fussy eating and sports nutrition (for kids) and healthy eating & sustainable weight loss (for Adults).

Chetna is a regular blogger with Momspresso, Say Cheese and First Moms w.r.t experiences on Early Life Nutrition, Baby Food Recipes, Meal Plan, Cool Foods for Warm Days, Raising healthy, Child habits and upbringing etc

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