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Mother’s Day and the many faces of motherhood at Sarvam

Mother's Day fills our hearts with gratitude for the women who gave us life, and who raised us with unconditional love. But motherhood isn't defined solely by blood. It's the guiding hand, the constant belief, and the selfless dedication that nurture dreams into reality. Within Sarvam, this spirit finds its purest expression in the woman our Shaktis call "Aai".

"Aai" isn't just a Marathi word for "mother." It carries a promise: a promise of warmth, of support, of a silent whisper that delivers, "You are loved, you are capable, you can achieve anything." It's a promise that stays deeply within our Shaktis.

Hemangi Bhatnagar: The Shaktis "Aai"

Ms. Hemangi Bhatnagar, our Chief Empowerment Officer, is the beating heart of Sarvam. She's also the mother of our founder, Ms. Nehha Bhatnagar, and that same boundless love flows towards every Shakti. The Shaktis fondly reserve the title "Aai" just for her. Hemangi represents that role with an encouraging smile, a tireless presence at every event, and a fierce determination to create opportunities. She notices the Shakti who needs an extra bit of care, the one who needs a gentle push to embrace a challenge. Like a mother away from home, her love knows no bounds.

Motherly affection throughout Sarvam

Hemangi is their "Aai", but along with her there are many others who shower our Shaktis with care. Ms. Alka Sondhi, our Lead Shakti for Digital Literacy, guides her students with a strong commitment. Ms. Chetna Kapur, who heads our nutritional initiatives, believes in nourishment for both body and soul. Ms. Bina Di, with her healthy juices and delicious food, strengthens the Shaktis to chase their dreams.

Ms. Alka Sondhi, Ms. Chetna Kapur, Ms. Nehha, Ms. Hemangi

And let's not forget Ms. Nanda Karmalkar, fondly known as Nanda Masi, Ms. Hemangi's sister.  A constant source of support for our senior Shaktis in Vasant Kunj and Gurgaon,

Ms. Nanda Karmalkar

Nanda Masi's dedication to improving their English language and communication skills has been invaluable. She shares her wisdom and warmth in Sarvam’s events and workshops and is dedicated to empowering our Shaktis. 

These women, and many others, weave a web of support that makes our Shaktis to blossom, step by step. They exhibit the same motherly affection that makes Hemangi such a beloved figure.

Aadi Shakti: The power within all women

We call our Shaktis just that: Shaktis. The reason? Each one is Aadi Shakti – a spark of the divine feminine, a mother of the Universe waiting to be unleashed. They are dignified to lead, to create, and to nurture a better world. It's this incredible potential that makes all the women within Sarvam fill a mother-like role. With their guidance and love, the Shaktis gain confidence, skills, and an unshakeable belief in their brilliance.

Luka Chuppi: A song of unbreakable bonds

There's a song that holds a sacred place in Sarvam's heart: "Luka Chuppi".

“Luka chuppi bahut hui

Saamne aa ja naa

Kahan kahan dhoondha tujhe

Thak gayi hai ab teri maa”


Its bittersweet melody speaks directly to the mother-child relationship. When our Shaktis perform their moving dance, the air crackles with emotion. Tears well up in the audience, proof that a mother's love booms universally in all of us.

An interesting story behind this picture

In addition to all the incredible women at Sarvam, we are also blessed with mothers of our Shaktis Aishika Bhat and Shruthi, who have not only witnessed their daughters' transformations but have also become an integral part of our mission. With hearts full of gratitude for the empowerment their daughters found at Sarvam, they now selflessly dedicate their time and energy to uplifting other young women. They volunteer their time at our centers, mentoring and supervising the Shaktis on a rotating basis.  These mothers ensure that the center runs smoothly, filling the roles of mentors, supervisors, and administrators. With zero expectations for recognition, they are the epitome of selfless love, reminding us that a mother's heart extends far beyond her own family.

A Thank You to Those Who Make It Possible

As we celebrate these remarkable women, let's not forget the mothers, fathers, and families of our Shaktis. Their sacrifices and their belief in Sarvam's mission allow our community to provide such a transformative space. Every time a Shakti takes a confident step into the wider world, she carries not just her own strength, but the love of countless hearts that have shaped her journey. May this story serve as a reminder that the love and guidance of a mother can come in many forms.

Let this Mother's Day be filled with endless gratitude to all who symbolize the spirit of motherhood in its purest form - those who nurture, believe in us, and shape us into the women we are meant to be. Written by: Shagunthala Ravi


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