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Sarvam Shakti and Inner Wheel Clubs- the true Shakti for Shaktis!

Inner wheel club, District 301, started associating with Sarvam Shakti four years back. Shakti is one of their key projects. The ladies have been very supportive, they have donated clothes, stationeries, phones, recharges etc. They built a great connection with the children here and helped built our inventory. They have 86 clubs in the District and we are proud to announce that we are supported by one of them Sushant Vatika!

Shaktis at the Annual Womens Day celebrations for Inner Wheel at PHD House, Delhi

It has given us the visibility, various opportunities to perform which again helps build connection with other clubs and districts. AND gives us the much needed CONFIDENCE and other important life skills to shape the Shaktis lives.

Charter President Sangeeta Arora says she is so thrilled and in awe of the talent and professional skill sets these girls have that any support at all the IWC can provide is only going to add to the magnificence that is Shaktis work!

Our CEO( left) with Mrs Sangita Arora (right)

This year some of the uniforms of Shakti are also being funded by Inner Wheel Club, Sushant Vatika.

Shaktis at various events held by the IWC

If you would like to associate your club with Sarvam Shakti or share this link with any Rotary or Inner Wheel club members, we would be most grateful to have your support. This really enables us to get our project more resources in kind.

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