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Shakti Sanjeevani food stall of Ragi bhelpuri!

Sarvam Shaktis live by a healthy lifestyle, no matter how straitened and constrained the means are for their parents who come from economically marginalized backgrounds. They are trained to eat healthy on limited budgets and also NEVER consume refined foods and to limit dairy as a treat very occassionally. The idea is to ELIMINATE inflammatory foods while also adding more nourishing vegetables to the diet.

The Shakti Sanjeevani project is a milestone in health as vegetable juice made of 15 vegetables and fruits is given to the girls daily along with black chana dal and banana. To promote our thought process and raise some money too, we held a food stall with Gluten Free Ragi Bhel, brainchild of our Digital Lead Shakti Alka Sondhi at an upscale Gurgaon event recently!

Alka Sondhi with our CEO Hemangi and the Shaktis Neelam, Gudiya, Khushboo and Soni who managed the stall!

To invite us to such local colony stall events, do email us on! It helps raise awareness on our work whilst also promoting good healthy information to citizens.

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