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Shaktis at Karnataka centre

The Karnataka centre has a brilliant dedicated dance teacher Kruthi who is teaching the children so so wonderfully. We are in the process of enrolling the children in formally with uniforms and the formal paperwork of Sarvam Shakti which will make them full-time students. They have been with us for over 6 months now and are showing sustained interest and hence it is time for a formal induction!

We are so excited to have started this centre in Nagarbhavi, West Bangalore. We wish to have atleast 50 Shaktis learning dance and Yoga there by the end of 2023. They come from the Government school just one lane away from the centre and so it is convenient to travel too.

If you would like to visit the centre - here is the link on Google Maps! Just let us know in advance by whatsapping us on +919871700316

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