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Workshop and visit by Kathak maestro Aditi Mangaldas

Aditi Mangaldas on Sarvam Shakti: "I was so so very impressed by Sarvam Shakti. Gurgaon centre is such a fabulous space for the girls to learn arts and about life itself. It is such a happy and aesthetically beautiful space. The girls were dancing so well! I was so impressed! The atmosphere, the well behaved girls, all the artistically arranged bronze sculptures, the sayings on the wall just added to the atmosphere of learning and freedom and imagination! It was really wonderful to be there."

Aditiji is an internally renowned Kathak dancer, choreographer and teacher with her company Drishtikon Dance Foundation. She has travelled the globe setting new pathways for the field of Kathak. Two of her dance troupe members, Sunny and Minhaz teach at Sarvam Shakti. Drishtikon's training and level of expertise under the aegis of Aditiji has been exemplary.

To enable our Shaktis to grow in these art forms as teachers and professors of our heritage, do consider a donation here!

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