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Hyatt Regency Delhi HR heads visit Sarvam Shakti in Gurgaon!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

We were graced by the presence of Mrs Meenakshi Prabhakar, director of HR at the awesome Hyatt hotel, Delhi. The Shaktis have performed for Womens Day 2022 at the hotel premise for all employees and staff and the director and her team were very impressed and volunteered to visit us to explore possibilities of such confident girls one day maybe working at the hospitality chain.

The girls presented various pieces of their skill training and genuinely blew away the guests with their talent, composure, discipline, cleanliness and presence!

Nehha Bhatnagar, our Founder has been teaching the Shaktis abhinaya or facial expressions and that is an amazing focus based and emotional intelligence empowering skill to learn. Yje delicate balance of only expressing facially and also communicating feelings to the audience is a special beloved skill the girls cherish and learn. The juniors and seniors demonstrated some pieces for the visiting guests.

Piyu Bole abhinaya piece from Parineeta

O Palanhare from Lagaan

Mrs Prabhakar was very touched and profusely thanked us for presenting such a beautiful evening and also offering some healthy snacks.

It was emotionally touching for all of them and ended on a very emotional note. At last, the Shakti gifted her a pot of flowers as a token of appreciation.

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