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Workshop with Tripti Saraswat on self-worth

Tripti, our head of outreach at Shakti (the Shakti Sewa project) held an amazing workshop with the Sarvam Shaktis at the Gurgaon centre. It was on self-worth, trusting and loving ourselves and how important we should be to ourselves. If our cup is empty, how do we fill that of others? We should love ourselves deeply and truly see ourselves as strong, beautiful and trustworthy. We are our own best friends.

Tripti with the Shaktis

The girls were deeply moved through the question answer sessions to look at themselves in the mirror and truly send themselves loving kindness.

Tripti comes with a background of project management from the technology sector. She is the Vice President at Natwest Bank

From her: Throughout the years of my professional work, I have gained lot of expertise in Financial Service Sector, especially in Capital Markets and Investment Banking Domain. I am especially proud of wider tech implementations that I have led in the capacity of Business Analyst and Project Manager, which was both challenging and fulfilling.Apart from this professional career, I have passion to give back to society and to participate in serving humanity. I believe in living with purpose and giving meaning to life. What really gives me zeal in life is contributing towards society. With Sarvam Shakti, I found wings to this passion. Girls in Sarvam Shakti are true examples of Living with Values’, by learning yoga and Indian classical dance forms they display the power of ancient art forms. Every step and move they perform on stage indicate the devotion they have put in learning and practicing these arts with full vigor. Cultured, full of mannerism and with lots of joy in their heart they are epitome of unconditional universal love.

Tripti Sharma Saraswat

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