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We empower marginalized
girls in India
through a skills-based curriculum and wellbeing program to find confidence, self-worth and purpose in their lives. This shapes character and enables them to face lifes many challenges.

Top NGO In Delhi
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NGO Working With Children in Delhi
Empowering Girl Child | Non profit Organization

SKILL and Wellbeing Training we do 

NGO in Delhi, India working for Street Children
NGO in Delhi

THE Objective of our 'Life Skills based Curriculum'.

The World Health Organization recommends the following Life Skills as critical components of a happy, prosperous and a satisfied life. At Sarvam Shakti, the curriculum is structured so as to enable these skills. Periodic research conducted by supervising psychologists and counsellors ensures we are upholding these crucial components of life. Every one of us carries tremendous inner resources and we each have the capacity to become more fully ourselves. At Sarvam, we create this environment for every girl to be deeply seen and heard and thereby, empowered.

Self Awareness


Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking

Decision Making

Problem Solving

Effective Communication

Interpersonal Relationship

Coping with Stress

Coping with Emotion


Marginalized girls in India lack access to holistic education and skill trainings which leads to lack of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.



 After school holistic skills training programs for underserved girls in India to empower them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually thereby making them  confident, happy and job-ready creative young women.  

charity in delhi
Non Profit NGO in Delhi India
Her Community
Her Family
NGO Service in Delhi
Child Care NGO in Delhi
Respect & Identity of her own and a model of progress
Less patriarchy. More girl child empowerment
 Improvements in mental, physical and emotional health
Laurels to her school and positions of leadership
Her Health
Her School
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We empower marginalized girls in India
 Be a Shakti for Shaktis today!
Your help has brought this unique educational project so far. Our Shaktis are empowered young women who could really use your wisdom, resources and ideas.
College Admission & Class Monitors
Shaktis as Monitors and Class Representatives in their schools and colleges
Arts Showcases
Shaktis as Monitors and Class Representatives in their schools and colleges
Spoken English
Shaktis as Monitors and Class Representatives in their schools and colleges
NGO in Delhi, Donate For Charity To NGO - Sarvam Shakti
Outreach through strong partnerships!
Rotary Foundation, Inner Wheel Clubs, over 100 interns and volunteer teachers!
Leaders in Schools
Shaktis as Monitors and Class Representatives in their schools and colleges
Capacity building through choreographies
20% of Shakti have done self-choreographies for showcasing on stages!
Enhanced Supplementary Nutrition
95% of Shaktis drink the shakti vegetable Elixir juice
Digital Literacy
Computer Education skills for senior Shaktis at Haryana Centre.

Sarvam Shakti is a prominent NGO in Delhi that empowers underprivileged girls in India through education and well-being programs. Our registered non-profit organisation is committed to uplifting young girls in India by helping them build confidence, find self-worth and purpose, and shape their character so that they can face life's many challenges. To help these girls reach their full potential and change their lives, we offer the right guidance and direction they need.


We firmly believe that educating young girls will liberate them and end the cycle of insecurity. We provide a skills-based education system that is tailored to each girl's needs as one of the top NGOs in Delhi and Gurgaon, giving them the virtues they need to triumph in life's conflicts. We give our girls access to a system of education that not only imparts academic knowledge but also practical and social knowledge, such as computer proficiency and knowledge of cutting-edge technology, cultural knowledge, and social and practical knowledge about daily life.


At Sarvam Shakti, we strive daily to be the best NGO in Delhi for children's help and are dedicated to providing our girls with opportunities to develop a positive self-image and feel empowered to make their own choices. Our team of staff and volunteers works tirelessly to provide quality education and support to each girl. We also have programmes for young boys in the community, as we believe that every child deserves a chance to succeed, regardless of their background or circumstances.


We strive to ensure that all children in our community are given the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their gender. If you are looking for an NGO in Delhi that helps children, we invite you to join our cause and help us make a difference in the lives of young girls in India. Contact us today to learn more about our programmes or to make a donation. Together, we can make a positive impact in our community and beyond.


Educate a Girl. Educate a Community Unleash a Girl. UNLEASH SHAKTI! 

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