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100 kilograms of donations of beautiful clothing from Bangkok!

We have started a store of amazing Indian outfits for our Shaktis to rent for FREE thanks to the generosity of an amazing Indian aunty who is settled in Thailand for some decades now. APPLE aunty through the Indo-Thai women in their Red Cross volunteering team sent this message to us-

We are Thai-Indian (origin) Red Cross Volunteers under Thai Red Cross Society since year 2000. It’s been a successful, fruitful, warm journey.

We contribute monthly funds for betterment of children. We have worked at Ophanage, Old People’s home, distributed gifts to underprivileged children in many far away villages. Contributed for multi purpose buildings in small schools at Thai border.

It’s all a team effort and available funds which have made it possible for us to help others. Captain Ravinder PS Ghai who has supported me throughout. He lifts me up when world’s sorrow seems too heavy to bear and makes us look at how our work has helped and we need to continue.

We use to collect party clothes to sell in annual Red Cross Fair at very cheap prices. The funds was used for charity in hospital.

We always thought the cloths could be put to better use for underprivileged people in India. You helped us reached those who can make maximum use of clothes. Thank you."

It comes to the city where someone is going and then we arrange to bring it for there. So much trouble but it is SO worth it because our Shaktis would NEVER be able to afford such fine clothing and to be able to wear an outfit for even one occassion gives a confidence boost to them. We always teach girls that clothes DO NOT make the man since it is one's character that does. However, as any of us would know, to be able to attend an event wearing something beautiful does make us feel good within. Sarvam Shaktis have attended various dance recitals as audiences in auditoriums to hone their skills in viewing and appreciating arts. They come to the centre and borrow the clothing for that evening and two of the Shaktis manage the store with signing in and signing out whoever takes whatever outfit!

If you wish to donate dance costumes, jewellery, casual clothing, formal wear- pls do email us on!

Apple aunty from Thailand

The team at Red Cross, Bangkok!

Amazing Indian outfits from Apple aunty

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