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A workshop teaching the Shaktis how to be Compassionate

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

A workshop on “Compassionate” was conducted by Pheiroijam Anju, a psychologist who is also our Programme Specialist. The workshop was conducted for the middle school Shaktis. As an Ice Breaker, an activity was introduced to teach the value of accepting people and things as they are. As part of the activity, the kids were asked to look at others who share the same answers when asked some questions. They were also asked to look at others who answered differently from themselves without judging the others. This way the shaktis were taught the importance and how to practice compassion towards others.

The kids also showed their skills of dance and yoga to each other. They were encouraged to show compassion towards each other and towards themselves. The Shaktis were so delighted to learn about a value such as compassion towards others and themselves.

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