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Bright Future, Big Smiles: Children's Day Celebration at Sarvam Foundation

Updated: Jan 4


The Shaktis, with pure hearts dedicated to hard work and aspirations, resiliently face life's challenges, finding joy in little moments and opportunities. Sarvam is grateful to be a ray of hope for these sweet, pure-hearted young girls, made possible by the resolute support of our generous backers. As we strive to empower, we're reminded: "Empower a girl, empower a nation."

November 14th is observed as Children’s Day every year, commemorating the birth anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. His enduring presence is cherished, reflecting his contribution to the nation and deep affection for children.

This day serves as a reminder of the importance of educating and nurturing children with love and care. We celebrated Children's Day with our Shaktis at our centers, filled with fun, healthy food, and clothes distribution. The Shaktis began their meals with a prayer, expressing gratitude for the food. Spinach Pakoda and Bajra Halwa, cooked by our skilled cook Bina Didi, were the nutritious delights of the day.

Amidst a bunch of pictures, giggles, and waves of laughter, Vijay Bhaiya and Bina Didi worked tirelessly to make this day memorable for the Shaktis. Mrs. Alka Sondhi, a core team member for Shakti Shiksha, joined us in distributing snacks to our Shaktis.

Simple acts of kindness, result in big smiles💕

It was a day to remind the girls of their significance within the foundation.

Komal, the adorable sister of our junior Shakti, Suhaani, also joined us in the Children's Day celebration. At just 2 years old, she's eager to learn meditation, yoga, classical dance, and English. Her parents aspire to send Komal to the Sarvam center, impressed by the positive changes in Suhaani's overall personality and well-being. As an organization, we feel truly grateful to nurture girls in a way that motivates and inspires families and communities to embrace the power of their daughters, their true feminine strength, SHAKTI:)

Every year, we celebrate and spread happiness and love at our learning centers by celebrating Children's Day with our Shaktis. This day is especially important as it emphasizes the need to provide equal opportunities and protect all girls from discrimination.

Any blog reader willing to come forward and donate to our Shaktis would be a huge help. Your contribution, whether in the form of donations, volunteering, stage support, or monetary support, is appreciated as a form of Shakti Seva. Even a modest contribution can have a profound effect on a Shakti. Please refer to the accompanying link to donate: (

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