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Five to Lead many

The first batch of Five Shaktis, whom we at Sarvam Shakti are proud to announce, will be participating in a teaching internship at The Heritage School. During our interactive session, our three core members had the opportunity to exchange insightful advice with the Five Shaktis: Priyanka, Shweta, Jyoti, Anjali, and Shivani. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk once said, "A good teacher is like a candle—it consumes itself to light the way for others." Based on what we have witnessed over the years, Sarvam is certain that the Five Shaktis will illuminate everyone who crosses their path, sharing their fullness with each individual they encounter.

During the session, the Shaktis and our core members engaged in a one-on-one informative and interactive discussion. They discussed various circumstances that the Shaktis would encounter as they embarked on this new journey. Mrs. Chetna Kapur, Mrs. Alka Sondhi, and Ms. Ritu Gulati, our three core members, guided in their respective areas of expertise.

Mrs. Chetna Kapur, an expert on Shakti Sanjeevini, emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy and energetic lifestyle through a well-balanced diet. She advised individuals to prioritize nutritious foods such as dal, sabzi, and roti while minimizing the consumption of junk food. Additionally, she recommended the intake of invigorating beverages like neembu pani and chhach to stay refreshed.

According to Mrs. Alka Sondhi, an expert on Shakti Shiksha, she advised, "You are at the beginning stage, like a budding flower. It is important to keep your mind, eyes, and ideas open, and be receptive to new experiences." Additionally, Mrs. Sondhi stressed the significance of respecting every child and staff member and paying attention to their opinions and words.

Mrs. Ritu Gulati, an expert on Shakti Speak, expressed her joy and stated that all individuals possess the necessary internal capabilities to face any challenges that life presents to them. The Five Shaktis have succeeded after years of dedication and hard work. Mrs. Gulati happily announced that Sarvam Shakti has brought forth a group of passionate Shaktis who are committed to assisting the children they encounter, while also fostering positive relationships with everyone they meet.

Our Shaktis were overall very excited, and no matter where they went or what they did, they would always do their best to help others and themselves. Sarvam Shakti is happy to wish them prosperity on their journey ahead.

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