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Health checkups, prayers, and healthy food.

Yet another day, full of fun, togetherness, celebration, prayers, and healthy refreshments

Not one, but a team of six doctors, paid a visit to our Sarvam centre in Gurgaon, to conduct the health check-ups for the Sarvam girls. The energy of the place was doubled with the echoing mantras and prayers during the SunderKand Paath. All the Inner Wheel Club ladies, along with our Chief Empowerment Officer, Mrs. Hemangi Bhatnagar, office staff members, offered prayers for the well-being and safety of Shaktis.

At around 3 p.m. in the noon, on 1st August 2023 at Sarvam Shakti's Gurgaon centre, all of us, celebrated the evening of love and health. The celebration went until 6 p.m. in the evening creating a serene atmosphere, diffused with empowering vibrations.

Visuals from SunderKand Path held on 1st August 2023

Mahatma Gandhi once said "It is health that is real health and not the pieces of gold and silver."

And, we proudly advocate the fact that our splendid Shaktis proved their good health, when the doctors conducted health checkups. Doctors were astonished to find the results so positive for most of the girls. It is commonly said, "You are what you eat". After the check-up, doctors were amazed to see how fit the girls were. This is all thanks to one of Sarvam Foundation's major projects - Shakti SANJEEVANI. Under this project, girls are served Shakti Elixir Juice, which consists of more than 15 ingredients (fruits and vegetables). This juice contains ANTIOXIDANTS, PHYTONUTRIENTS, and MINERALS. Along with that, they are given a banana, jaggery, and Black Chana. Black Chana is an excellent source of protein and iron, and dark jaggery has cleansing medicinal properties. All of these things help them build a strong immune system. Initially, the Shaktis were afraid of the health checkup. However, they later felt really pleased to discover that their health was in good condition, it motivated them to continue drinking juice everyday without any fail and also have a banana, black chana and jaggery.

Physician consultation held at Sarvam Shakti’s Gurgaon centre on 1st August 2023

After doing Health check-up the food was served. However, the highlight of the event was undoubtedly the healthy food which was prepared under the guidance of the Chief Empowerment Officer, Mrs. Hemangi Bhatnagar, and with the assistance of Cook Beena Didi. One of the doctors came up to us, and asked for the recipes of Ragi Idli, which was our most demanded delicacy of the evening. Yes! Ragi Idlis. Super healthy, yet mouth-watering. The idlis were served with oil free sambhar and 2 colorful chutneys, full of spicy flavours. The doctor admitted that the idli tasted just like the traditional Suji idli, a proof to the skillful cooking and innovative use of ingredients. The second thing on the menu was gluten-free Dahi Bhalle, which managed to capture the traditional taste while being inclusive to dietary restrictions. And how can we miss the khatta meetha salad- a perfect fusion of fruits and vegetables, including red cabbage, rocket leaves, and bell peppers.

Gluten free food- ragi idlis, chutneys, dahi bhalle, along with the salad.

At Sarvam Foundation, we ensure that the healthiness of both our consumed and served food remains our top concern, even during events. Let's embrace the practice of offering delicious and nutritious food choices rather than those high in sugars, gluten, and deep-fried elements. Remember, healthy options can be just as tasty.

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