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Three Vasant Kunj Senior Shaktis - Teaching self-choreographed dance to students of Nayi Disha NGO

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

As we draw near to the 15th of August, a powerful wave of patriotism sweeps through the atmosphere. Priyanka, Shweta, and Anjali, gifted in the art of Indian classical dance through their training at Sarvam Foundation, have graced more than a hundred stages both nationally and internationally. The path they have walked is not just about dance; it's a journey of passion and cultural connection. Shweta, a member of this trio, received a heartfelt request from Nayi Disha NGO. This organization was seeking three dance instructors to guide their junior and senior students in crafting dance performances for the momentous occasion of August 15th. Without hesitation, these three young women embraced the chance to illuminate the students of Nayi Disha about the vibrant tapestry of Indian culture through the medium of dance. Their internship journey began on the 7th of June.

Priyanka teaching the junior section of Nai Disha NGO.

In the initial stages, the students appeared disinterested. However, with the gentle nudges of Anjali, Shweta, and Priyanka, a fresh spark of enthusiasm ignited within them. Gradually, excitement spread like wildfire, and the students eagerly embarked on a journey to refine their dance skills, eager to unveil their talents on this special day. Shaktis, the trio of mentors, enriched the students' understanding of India's diverse dance forms, acknowledging that "learning never exhausts the mind" (Leonardo da Vinci). It wasn't just about dance moves; it was about embracing heritage and wisdom.

The younger students grasped the dance steps and choreography, but patience wasn't their strong suit. In these moments, Priyanka stood as a beacon of motivation, reminding them that the journey itself is just as rewarding as the destination. Her encouraging words breathed life into their perseverance, leading them to embrace the challenge and extend a spirited challenge to their senior counterparts. Soon, the atmosphere buzzed with determination and unity. Both juniors and seniors honed their skills and mastered dance forms, setting the stage for the 15th of August.

Anjali teaching Indian Classical dance steps to Nai Disha students

Shweta teaching students of Nai Disha NGO

Interestingly, the threads of fate wove Shweta, Anjali, and Priyanka into the fabric of Nayi Disha NGO during their own youth. Little did they know that their paths would circle back to this very place, equipped with the knowledge and dedication they had cultivated through their journey at Sarvam Foundation. Their story echoes the words of Mahatma Gandhi, "You must be the change you want to see in the world." Their triumphant return not only celebrates their individual achievements but stands as a collective victory, reminding us all that with guidance and determination, we can ascend the peaks of accomplishment.

As we reflect on this remarkable narrative, we're reminded that success doesn't simply land in our laps; it's a tapestry woven with threads of hard work, resilience, and guidance. Priyanka, Shweta, and Anjali have shown us that with the right direction, dedication, and unwavering effort, we can reach extraordinary heights. Their story encourages us to embrace our own potential and reminds us that the seeds we plant today can blossom into beautiful tomorrows.

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