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Classical Dance by Sarvam girls at Iskcon Temple, A pure form of devotion to Krishna

Updated: Feb 11

On November 6, more than 20 girls called Shaktis performed together at an event organized by the Inner Wheel Club District 301 at the Iskcon Temple in Delhi.

The girls enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of the temple. They expressed their devotion to Kanha Ji through classical dance, moving gracefully to songs like #swagatamkrishna, #shrikrishnagovindharemurari, and #kanhare🎶.

The best part of their visit to Iskcon was that it gave them a chance to showcase their talents on stage, boosting their confidence. It also allowed them to experience the beauty and spirituality of the temple, offering prayers to Radha and Krishna and feeling the peaceful energy of the place. It was a joyful and meditative day for them.

Neelam, one of the girls, happily shared, "Didi, we would never get to explore such beautiful places without Sarvam. Today, we seize the opportunity to explore the world." Hearing this warmed my heart, realizing how these opportunities are not just fleeting moments but cherished memories that enrich their lives.

Sarvam is happy to empower dreams & hearts❤️

The Inner Wheel Club generously donated more than 100 yoga mats for our Shaktis, a touching gesture. This visit was more than an event; it deepened our connection with Lord Krishna and his teachings, instilling values of love, respect, and cooperation.

Write-up: Kritika Saraf

Picture credits: Nitin Rawat

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