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Janmashtami Celebrations 2023

Updated: Jan 23

Janmashtami, the beloved festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna, is the event everyone eagerly anticipates each year. Janmashtami is celebrated throughout India, with some regions marking it as a grand spectacle while others observe it more spiritually. This year, we celebrated our Krishna Janmashtami with the residents of Belmonte Apartments and Magnolias in Gurugram. Here's a recap of what transpired on September 7th.

To start, we set off for Belmonte at 4:15 p.m., brimming with excitement as we traveled in our four-wheeled vehicles. Upon our arrival at Belmonte, accompanied by Mrs. Hemangi, Ms. Kritika, and Mr. Vijay, the attendees were captivated by the splendid decorations and aesthetics of the venue. The event was held in an indoor hall, and as soon as we reached, the performances commenced. It all began with a welcoming address, delivered by one of our Shaktis dressed as Krishna. The event's energy soared with each subsequent performance by our Shaktis. Three songs graced the stage: "Swagatham Krishna," "Mural Ki Dhun Sunn Radhike," and finally, "Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murari." These spiritually soothing songs, coupled with the performances of our Shaktis, created a divine ambiance all around. Following the speeches and dance performances, Mrs. Geethi, the Chief member of Belmonte, expressed her gratitude to Sarvam Shakti for our outstanding contributions.

The audience was so delighted and impressed that one of the society members stepped onto the stage and offered to provide clothing for the Shakti dancers and teachers at Heritage School. She also encouraged everyone to support the Sarvam Foundation in any way they could. Witnessing people embrace our vision and acknowledge our efforts was a heartwarming experience for all of us. Amid the applause and accolades from the Belmonte residents, we collected 2-3 testimonials. One of these testimonials came from a senior citizen who was a close friend of Mrs. Hemangi. He commended the Shaktis and everyone who had contributed to this event. As for the progress of our Shaktis, they have shown significant improvement since our performances on August 15th. Their dance and speeches were flawless. The event concluded at 5:30 p.m., and as we chanted Lord Krishna's name, we bid farewell to Belmonte and headed to our next destination.

Our next destination was The Magnolias, where our Shaktis were ready to reprise their acts with the same enthusiasm and dedication. It seemed that everyone had caught the Janmashtami fever. We arrived at the location at 6:30 p.m. The Magnolias venue was also beautifully adorned, and the event was organized outdoors. Our Shaktis faced some challenges due to the small size of the stage, as the acts involved 10-15 Shaktis performing simultaneously, and there were concerns about dancers accidentally falling off the stage. Despite these challenges, our dancers gave their best and adapted to the situation, which is precisely what Sarvam had trained them for – to handle difficulties with grace. They performed the same songs and speeches as before, and the audience's response was equally enthusiastic.

People were impressed and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the performances. After recording 2 testimonial videos, each Shakti was presented with a flower bouquet and delectable cupcakes courtesy of The Magnolias' members.

In summary, Janmashtami festival day was a resounding success for Sarvam Shaktis. We not only showcased our skills but also made this Janmashtami one to remember for others.

We hope that Lord Krishna himself enjoyed our Shaktis' performances. India is a land of festivals, and these celebrations provide us with a reason to come together and experience joy.

So, let us all be happy and chant "Jai Shri Krishna!"

Look at the glimpse of the shows on our YouTube channel!

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