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Research Study on Self-Esteem of Shaktis!

Research study_Sarvam Shakti
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Abstract: A comparative study was conducted in order to investigate certain variables (impact exposure and self-esteem) of the beneficiaries of Sarvam Shakti Project and Non- Sarvam children. The sample consist 30 adolescent girls in the age group of 11-16years. The Sample were further classified under 2 groups- Experimental (n=15, Sarvam Shakti girls, undergoing Indian Classical Dance training for the past 1.5 years) and Controlled group (n=15). It further aimed to highlight health benefits of learning Indian classical dance form on the overall personality of the adolescent girls. Tools used for data collection were Self Esteem Scale (Rosenberg, M., 1965) and Qualitative Interviews. Results revealed that the average score of Experimental Group (19.73) and Controlled Group (16.33) differ significantly. Qualitative analysis shows that Shakti’s Intervention through dance training not only leads to higher self-esteem but also contribute in their overall personality development be it academic, health, confidence, public speaking, of adolescent girls.

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